GOP Guts Obama's Attempt At Backdoor Gun Control With Budget Amendments

Barack Obama can direct his corrupt Justice Department to come up with new regulations to undermine the Second Amendment all day long, but that doesn’t mean that Congress won’t cut the funding out from under each and every one of them:


The Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill, which cruised through the House this week, contains several provisions directed squarely at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) rule-making authority.

Under the measure, the ATF would be prohibited from banning certain forms of armor-piercing ammunition or blocking the importation of military-style shotguns. Another provision would block federal agents from creating what critics say is a gun registry.

Critics of the administrations efforts to impose new federal firearm restrictions see the GOP Congress’s power of purse as their best chance to block new rules.

“We need to stop the Obama administration from making end-run around Congress on gun control,” National Rifle Association spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said.

The bill, approved in the House by a 242-183 tally, would prohibit the Justice Department from using any of the money to enforce certain gun regulations.

You know what you have been a better use of Justice Department funding? Investigating why not one of the ATF/DOJ employees that took place in the Fast & Furious gun smuggling plot to arm Mexican narco-terrorist cartels was fired, and why most were in fact promoted.

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