Texas Pastor Shoots Intruder

Some people are under the impression to that to be a Christian, one must be a pacifist.

That isn’t the wisest of assertions, as a serial criminal breaking into The Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, Texas, learned the hard way:


Police say Pastor Benny Holmes was at the church sometime after 6:00am when he a heard a man trying to break into the building. Holmes then armed himself and shot the intruder.

The intruder was then rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital via Life Flight.

The burglary suspect, identified as Lee Marvin Blue, 27, was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital via Life Flight. We’re told he is in stable condition after suffering a single gunshot wound to his right shoulder. Police describe Blue as a transient with an extensive criminal history.

Pastor Holmes made national headlines last year for taking down a suspected package thief in his front yard. At the time, he said pointing his 45mm pistol at the grandmother was the only way he would get her to feel the fear of God. Holmes even prepared a sermon after the incident, telling his congregation why God said to arm yourself.

Thankfully, ABC13 was incorrect in the their assessment of the caliber of pistol Pastor Holmes used in both incidents, or serial felon Blue would have been squeegeed off the walls and ceilings. Holmes shot Blue once with a .45 ACP, not a 45mm.

While the incident is still under investigation, Pastor Holmes is not expected to face charges.

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