Texan Solves Neighborhood Burglary Problem By Shooting Burglar

It’s really hard to concentrate on stealing things when your innards are leaking out all over the floor.

An alleged intruder was shot early Monday morning after  trying to break into a home on Lake Dunlap.

Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Investigator Sgt. Zachary McBride said the suspect was seriously injured after the homeowner shot him at about 5 a.m. in the 1400 block of East Zipp Road.

“At about 5 a.m. the homeowner reported that there was a potential burglary in progress,” he said. “He confronted the suspect, and then shot him.”

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, was taken to a hospital in San Antonio with serious, but non-life threatening injuries, McBride said.

McBride said there are a lot of similarities between this incident and several previous burglaries that have happened recently along the Guadalupe River.


A Bearing Arms reader who lives on the road in question tipped us off to this story, and like most people in the area, merely hopes that the criminal who was ventilated is the same person responsible for the rash of burglaries in the area.

Interestingly enough, this story could not be found via Google.

I certainly hope that defensive gun use stories are not being suppressed.

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