Real SciFi Body Armor!

It’s a blend of fact and fiction, but I suspect that as armor technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, continually getting lighter and stronger, while small arms projectiles still putter along with only minimal evolutionary advances, we’ll soon see real armor like this become affordable for military, police, and the well-heeled civilian gun owner.


What you’re seeing is the Project Galac-Tac armor, which is a collaboration between some cosplay costume artists, HK, Armasight, SOG, and The parts of the armor you see are made from semi-rigid urethane, but they’re bonded to real Level IIIA hybrid body armor, providing genuine protection against ballistic threats.

The monocle is also a real infrared unit from Armasight, but they actually introduced something way cooler this year at SHOT Show. Armasight now offers what they call their Iris system, which transmits the image seen by your infrared or thermal gunsight right to the Iris monocle that you’d wear on your headgear just like shown here. This gives you the real deal option of accurately shooting around corners or over barricades without exposing yourself to enemy fire. You can even link the Iris to your teammate’s gun so you can see what their weapon sight sees through your monocle and they can see what yours sees through theirs.

The helmet also has a real headset and mic for comms. You provide the radio, and you’ll be able to coordinate movement and recon with your entire team.

The Galac-Tac armor is also very real in the sense that, yes, you can buy this for yourself, minus the Level IIIA hybrid backing. Helmets start at $325 and the chest and shoulder armor starts at $300. All Galac-Tac armor is custom made to order, so the ultimate cost will depend on your imagination.