WRONG GUY: Armed Robber Shot To Death After Targeting Concealed Carrier

An armed robber In Brooklyn Park—a northwestern suburb of Minneapolis–Saint Paul—chose the wrong person to attempt to rob Monday night, and instead of getting away with cash or jewelry, only collected lead.


Brooklyn Park Police say it appears a man who was fatally shot Monday night was attempting to rob someone who was legally carrying a gun.

Assistant Chief Mark Bruley says the preliminary investigation into the fatal shooting indicates that the man who was killed on the 7500 block of Imperial Drive targeted an individual who had a valid permit to carry a handgun as his victim. Witnesses say there was an exchange of gunfire, and the alleged robber was killed.

Information on the shooting is sketchy, but if this went down like so many recent defensive gun uses have, then the robber probably thought that he had the situation well in hand when he pulled his gun, and more than likely was stunned when the “victim” pulled a legally-concealed handgun. It’s not known from this account who fired first, but it is clear that the concealed carrier put effective rounds on target, while the bad guy didn’t.

There were witnesses to the shootout who apparently corroborate the concealed carrier’s version of events, and it does not look like the investigation will result in charges.

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