Keanu Reeves Is a BAAAAD Man Training For John Wick 2

Every “gun guy” I know hates how action movies screw up the realism of firearms usage from guns that never run out of ammo, to guns that blow everything up, to incredibly stupid gun handling by the actors. One notable exception to the rule is 2014’s assassin-seeking-revenge action thriller, John Wick, which has even some of the most jaded firearms instructors I know almost giddy talking about “the film that got it mostly right.”


It turns out that John Wick 2 is on the way, and there is new footage of John Wick—Keanu Reeves himself—putting in some hard work and slinging real bullets like a pro as he trains for the sequel.

There are some disbelievers out there who think that the video has been sped up to make Reeves look faster than he really is. I’ve watch the video a half-dozen times looking for “tells” and I’m not seeing it. To my eye, Reeves is simply putting in hour after hour of real work to get good at his craft, and I think that he’s reached the point of competence that I think he’d be very interesting to watch in a 3-Gun competition.

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