French Promise 20 Minute Massacre Response, Or Your Next One's Free!

I swear that I did not rip this from The Onion or any other satire site.

The French government is actually bragging that the next massive coordinated terrorist attack on their disarmed civilian population will be addressed in just 20 minutes!


France will guarantee a 20-minute response of police and military anti-terrorism units to any future militant attacks, drawing on lessons learned from November’s Islamic State shootings in Paris, its interior minister said on Tuesday.

Besides more security personnel, specialist units will get new clearances to bypass the traditional carve-up of responsibilities between police and military forces that can hinder a timely armed response, Bernard Cazeneuve said.

The measures will ensure a minimum 20-minute response to attacks on population centers anywhere in France, he said.

“In a crisis our citizens expect faultless collaboration at all times,” Cazeneuve told a news conference. “It’s no time for competition between forces, but rather for unity, pooling resources and cooperating in our common interest.”

I guess that I have slightly higher expectations of a government that denies their citizens the natural right to bear arms for their self defense. When a government renders their citizens defenseless, that government had a moral obligation to step up and provide that defense, anytime, anywhere, without delay.

A five-minute response time might be acceptable for a population of ewes entirely dependent on their government to protect them. At the very outside, an eternity-long ten minutes might be vaguely palatable to those who have low standards, which the French apparently do.


But a 20-minute response to time to major terrorist attacks on population centers?

Forget sending police officers. Send refrigerated tractor trailers with hundreds of body bags for the victims. Send in buses full of coroners, and van-load after van-load of crime scene technicians with miles of tape and thousands of evidence markers. The only role for police to play 20 minutes into a terrorist attack is to establish a perimeter and ensure that the terrorists—once they’ve become bored or murdering French citizens—don’t take their show on the road.

20 minutes is a great response time if I’m ordering pizza.

It’s an entirely inadequate response time for terror attacks in major cities, and the best justification I’ve seen to repeal French gun laws and encourage concealed carry by law-abiding citizens.

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