Hillary Clinton Is Eliminating This Human Right From The DNC Platform

The Democrat Party has wholeheartedly rejected America’s 100+ million gun owners, with a radical left-wing convention that features the mothers of two attempted cop killers as speakers (above, attempted cop-killer Michael Brown’s armed robbery suspect mother, Leslie McSpadden, with Secret Service-hating Hillary Clinton), and a party platform that has has written the natural right to bear arms out of existence.


This year’s Democratic Party platform provides further evidence that Hillary Clinton not only does not value the Second Amendment right to armed self-defense but does not believe it exists. Like the 2004, 2008, and 2012 platforms, the latest version calls for various new gun controls, including extension of the federal background-check requirement to all gun transfers, expansion of the criteria that disqualify people from owning guns, re-enactment of a federal “assault weapon” ban, and repeal of the federal law that protects gun suppliers from civil liability based on criminal use of their products. But unlike those earlier platforms, this year’s does not so much as mention the Second Amendment. It says only that “responsible gun ownership is part of the fabric of many communities” and that “we can respect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe.”

Hillary Clinton is the first presidential candidate in American history in any party to so brazenly eliminate a core human right (the right of armed self defense) and constitutional right from her party’s platform, while simultaneously and openly embracing violent criminals as part of her core constituency.

It’s a stunning affront to basic civility and the veneer of law and order that allows society to function, and will surely come as a slap in the face to those Democrat gun owners who wanted to believe Clinton when she said that she wasn’t coming after the guns of American citizens.


By eliminating the Second Amendment from her party’s platform and reducing it to merely an acknowledgement of a culture that is clearly not her own, Hillary Clinton is clearly signalling that she is a radical attempting to create a culture that is Other Than American.

It’s a shame that Democrat have been forced by their apparently rigged primary system to accept such a corrupt and radical candidate as their only option by party elites. They deserve candidates that at least believe in the core constitutional fabric of our society.

All Americans deserve a better candidate than this.

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