Sumdood Survives Botched Robbery Turned AK Gunfight In Atlanta

Now here’s something you don’t see every day.

Police are searching for a suspect after a Sunday shootout at an Atlanta gas station left a woman injured.

According to Atlanta Police, officers were called to a Texaco gas station on Lee Street around 8:30 p.m. for reports of gunfire.

Officers responded to find a woman who had been shot in the left shoulder. They transported her to the hospital in stable condition.

Police have conducted an initial investigation using surveillance video, which captured the entire incident as it unfolded.

In the video, a black Dodge Charger is seen parked near the front door of the gas station. As car’s owner walks out from inside the store, he is approached by an unknown suspect. The two exchange words as the suspect follows the car owner around the back of the car.

The exchange escalates until the suspect flashes a gun from his waistband. At that point, the car’s owner walks over to his front door and pulls out an AK pistol.

The car’s owner aims the gun at the man and appears to threaten the suspect, who had fallen to the ground. As the suspect gets up, he runs around the front of the car and opens fire on the other man.


Here’s the video, followed by some commentary.

Let’s face it: The AK has a bit of a stigma attached to it. For the Vietnam generation it was “that damn communist rifle,” and for folks my age and younger, it is generally associated with foreign wars and Islamic terrorism, with a side of urban street crime, despite the fact that is the favorite long gun for many of America’s most elite warriors, and the semi-automatic-only versions made by Krebs Custom and Rifle Dynamics are darn near works of art.

For all we know the car’s owner could be the baddest of the bad guys… but it sure doesn’t look like it here, as he maintained the peace for as long as he could before bringing down the wrath of Mikhail.

Let’s break it down.


The bad guy in this scenario is the guy (we’ll call him “Sumdood”) who walks up from out of frame and follows the hero of our tale (henceforth known as “Blondie”) as he emerges from the store. Sumdood has a silver pistol shoved down the front of his pants, and says something to Blondie.


We’re not sure what Blondie said to Sumdood in return, but whatever he said allowed him time to reach the driver’s side door, open it, reach inside, and acquire his own firearm, which wasn’t a tiny little handgun. It was instead an 7.62×39 AKM pistol.

AK pistol

Sumdood immediately decides that he he wants to be somewhere else, as do the three young men standing outside the store who are watching the attempted robbery going south, quickly. Sumdood ducks behind Blondie’s car, and Blondie decides that Sumdood needs to leave.



Let’s be 100-percent clear on this: Sumdood threatened Blondie with a gun, and Blondie managed to turn things around with an overwhelming display of firepower. They’ve pretty much gone “Reservoir Dogs” at this point.



The difference in this real life standoff, however, is that Sumdood has completely lost the initiative, and doesn’t have his gun up, and Blondie has a cut-and-dried legal shot if he wants to end Sumdood right here.

But he doesn’t.


Sumdood is clearly begging for his life, and Blondie keeps him covered, but doesn’t fire. Sumdood starts to scurry away, while Blondie holds instant karma in his hands. Blondie allows Sumdood to his feet, and Sumdood should be very thankful that Blondie is in a forgiving mood.


Sumdood, however, is an idiot. Sumdoo raises his gun and fires two shots at Blondie. Both go through the windshield of Blondie’s car, and at least one of them strikes Blondie’s passenger.


From there, it’s on. Blondie ducks, but pops up to return fire—at least one of his shots going back through his own windshield—as Sumdood runs, still presumably firing. Blondie returns to his vehicle and is about to drive away, when his lady friend in the front seat opens her door and steps out, holding an wounded right arm.


Blondie and his lady friend then went inside the store and waited for police to respond. The young woman was transported to the hospital and was listed in stable condition. Blondie apparently cooperated with police and does not appear to be taken into custody, as this was pretty clearly an attempted robbery and self-defense encounter.



He’s still running.

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