TXJudge Says Gun Control Can Fix "Systemically Flawed" Justice System

A local judge in San Antonio, Texas is using his position on the bench to push for a slate of new gun laws in the Lone Star State, claiming that more gun control can help fix a “systemically flawed” criminal justice system. Is he right, or would his “cure” actually exacerbate the problem?

Judge Nelson Wolff recently penned an open letter to Bexar County residents about the recent death of Damian Lamar Daniels, a 31-year old military veteran who was killed by officers after they responded to a mental health call at Daniels’ home.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said deputies had been called several times to the home over the last few days. He said they finally made contact with Daniels on Tuesday and tried to de-escalate the situation for about 30 minutes since they knew he had a weapon.

At one point, a deputy tried to bond with Daniels in an attempt to calm him down, Salazar said. It became apparent that he did not want to follow deputies to get help, and he got aggressive, the sheriff said.