Intruder Shot By Homeowner Claims He Was Just Thirsty

Isaac Andujo just wanted a drink of water. At least, that’s what he says led him to try and break into a home in Albuquerque, New Mexico the other day. Too bad for Isaac that the home he chose happened to be occupied by an armed citizen willing and able to protect themselves.


Andujo’s attorney argued that the prosecution failed to prove intent to commit a felony saying that Andujo was simply trying to get into the home to get a glass of water. The judge did not buy it.

“While his words say one thing, his actions say another,” Judge Brittany Maldonado Malott said. “The fact that he broke through a window to get into the residence, I think a jury could determine that he had intent to commit a felony.”

It’s good to see the judge isn’t buying Andujo’s story, at least.

According to police, Andujo tried to break in to the home on Albuquerque’s east side early Friday morning. Using a spray can, the would-be intruder broke a window to gain entry to the home, but the armed homeowner stopped him with a shot to the hip. Neighbors alerted by the sound of gunshots called police, and when officers arrived the homeowner still had their firearm trained on Andujo in the back yard of the home.


Andujo apparently didn’t spend much time in the hospital or behind bars, because he was released from custody just two days after the attempted break-in occurred. The judge in the case says prosecutors didn’t file a motion to keep the suspect behind bars, so he was back on the streets Sunday morning. He’s expected back in court on September 10th. We’ll see in a few weeks if he’s any better at keeping his court dates than he is at breaking into homes.

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