Virginia Gun Owners Have Just Begun Their Fight

On today’s program, I’m back in Farmville, Virginia (and hopefully coronavirus free after spending a few days at SHOT Show last week) and joined by’s Kurt Schlichter to talk about his recent column, “Peaceful Insurgency Tips For Virginia Patriots.”

Now that the tens of thousands of Virginia gun owners and Second Amendment supporters have returned home from the incredible Lobby Day rally on January 20, what do we do now? Kurt has some pretty good answers.

What now is that you continue with the momentum from the rally and before. This is an insurgency – a peaceful one, despite the “de-escalate” crap your Jazz Singing’ chief executive is shoveling – and you need to keep up the pressure. This is about guns, which are the backstop of freedom but the liars and losers of the media want to pretend you don’t think so. They want to pretend you are looking for a chance to commit violence. They want to pretend you want to hurt people. That’s how they plan to delegitimize you.

Don’t fall for it.

First step: resolve that these garbage people, whether liberal pols, the media, Twitter blue checks, or Fredocon sissies who would have been all in with the Redcoats in 1776, can kiss your sweet Northam. When you don’t ignore them, mock them. They want to shame you into the shame of submission. They have zero moral authority. They are lying trash and worthy only of your contempt. Treat them accordingly.

Note here that Kurt is talking specifically about those pushing laws that would turn the average Virginia gun owner into a felon, not the Virginia voter who went to the polls believing they were voting for “common sense gun safety” that would have no impact on legal gun owners. The politicians who ran on a “gunsense” platform lied about what their proposed laws would do, and who would be impacted. Now, these same politicians are claiming that the vote in November was a mandate to restrict the rights of gun owners while ignoring violent criminals.

These bills aren’t aimed at preventing gun violence but restricting gun ownership. As Kurt points out in our interview and his column, gun owners in the state need to be organizing now to vote these anti-gun politicians out of office and take back the state legislature (and the governor’s office) come 2021.

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