Milwaukee Man Receives Probation After Shooting 5-Year Old Girl

Milwaukee Man Receives Probation After Shooting 5-Year Old Girl

A Wisconsin man who pleaded guilty to a road rage incident in which a 5-year old girl was shot has escaped any time behind bars for his crime. 36-year old Antony Jenkins could have spent several years behind bars for the violent crime, but was spared any prison time when a judge sentenced him to three years of probation earlier this month.

As Fox 6 in Milwaukee reports, Jenkins both instigated and escalated the incident in July of 2019 that left the little girl with a gunshot wound to her leg.

According to a criminal complaint, investigators spoke with the father of the 5-year-old girl, who was driving the silver sedan that day. He said he was coming home from Burger King, with his daughter in the back seat, when he noticed the green van tailgating him. He said he stopped his vehicle, and the van drove around him, and stopped near his driver’s side door. He said the driver, later identified as Jenkins, “began yelling (at him) about driving too slow.” He said Jenkins got out of his van and walked to the front of it, and the father noticed a handgun in his waistband. The father drove forward in an effort to get away from Jenkins, and Jenkins then pulled out the gun and began shooting.

The 5-year-old girl was struck in her left leg, and the vehicle was also hit, the complaint said.

Jenkins told authorities a slightly different version of events, but even in his telling he was the one who pulled out a gun and began firing as the sedan began pulling away.

Investigators spoke with Jenkins, who said the vehicle containing the 5-year-old girl, a Chrysler 3000, “was going slow” and eventually “came to an abrupt stop.” He said when he heard someone yell from the Chrysler, he stopped his van. He said the driver of the Chrysler pulled alongside his van and “started to yell at him.” He said an argument ensued, and he told the other driver to pull over if he wanted to argue. He said the driver of the Chrysler was armed with a black, semi-automatic pistol. Jenkins said he got out of his van and said, “You gonna shoot me? Go — just go then.” He said he “never saw the little girl in the car.” He said when the Chrysler pulled away, he pulled out his pistol and fired. He said he wasn’t sure how many times he fired.

In other words, this wasn’t a case of self-defense. Jenkins may not have been aware that there was a little girl in the car, but that just means he was trying to hit the adult driver when he began blasting off multiple rounds in the middle of the street at a car that was driving away.

This act of injustice likely won’t result in any protests in the streets of Milwaukee, though if it did, there’s a good chance that protesters would end up targeting the wrong guy anyway. This case will soon disappear from the headlines, and unless Anthony Jenkins does something incredibly awful that would cause his probation to be revoked, he’ll likely never serve a day behind bars after pleading guilty to his violent crime.