Democrats' Approach To Crime At Odds With Gun Control Push

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Democrats in the U.S. House are expected to advance two gun control measures on Wednesday, both of which are aimed at legal gun owners and gun sellers and impose criminal sanctions for gun transfers that take place without the express permission of the federal government. Under the Democrats’ universal background check bill, for instance, someone could face up to a year in federal prison simply for loaning a gun to her neighbor so she could protect herself if her abusive ex suddenly showed up at her home.


Meanwhile, Democrats like San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin are adopting a catch-and-release approach to accused violent criminals like Allen Stewart, a 25-year old man who’s been repeatedly arrested in recent months for a series of attacks on women, including once incident where he’s accused of trying to rape a woman while wearing an ankle monitor; a condition of his bond from an earlier arrest.

San Francisco television station KGO spoke to one victim, identified by her first name of Valeria, about the attack she endured while out for a jog last September.

“A person passed me on a skateboard and he brushed my rear. I thought it was an accident. After getting to 17th and Potrero at the stop sign he passed again. He pushed me a lot. When we arrived at San Bruno, I turned and he was already on top of me,” said Valeria with shaking hands.

She continued, “Down there, there is a bridge where homeless people sleep. He pushed me toward the door and I was telling him ‘no, no!’ And pushed with my feet and pushed him out.”

Valeria thought she was moments away from being raped, but was able to escape thanks to an open door in a chain-linked fence. She fled to a nearby auto mechanic for help and even managed to take photos of Stewart, which were used as evidence.

What is perhaps most distressing to her, despite being arrested for kidnapping and false imprisonment in her case, in late November, 25-year-old Allen Stewart was arrested for raping a woman in a SOMA parking garage. Multiple sources confirm to [KGO anchor Dion] Lim, along with Stewart’s court appointed counsel, Stewart was wearing an ankle monitor at the time.

“I don’t know why this had to happen to me? My concern is that person. That he doesn’t come out of jail because if he does, he’s going to do the same thing,” she said.

Documents Lim obtained also show Stewart was arrested for felony robbery and assault in April, for hitting a man in the head with a skateboard outside a Safeway in the city’s Jackson Square area.


So Stewart was arrested for felony robbery in April and arrested again for kidnapping and false imprisonment in September, but was still allowed out of jail while awaiting trial as long as he wore an ankle monitoring device? Clearly that monitoring device did absolutely nothing to prevent Stewart from allegedly raping a woman just a couple of months after he was arrested for trying to sexually assault Valeria.

What does Boudin have to say about this? Nothing, apparently. He refused to speak with KGO about the case, but Stewart is finally being held in jail without bond until his trial on the rape charges.

Boudin is one of many far-left prosecutors who are facing criticism for their soft-on-crime approach to criminal justice, including Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon, who’s facing a recall effort just a few months after taking office. While these prosecutors say they want to reduce overincarceration and look for ways to find “restorative justice” that doesn’t involve prison time, they and other Democrats are still fully in support of creating brand new crimes out of thin air like the universal background check bill that’s expected to get a House vote on Wednesday.

Democrats on Capitol Hill are going to loudly proclaim this week that their gun control bills are going to lead to a safer society, even while their favorite prosecutors are returning violent criminals to the streets to prey on more victims. If House Democrats were truly interested in public safety, they’d be condemning the soft-on-crime attitudes of D.A.’s like Boudin. Instead they’re attacking legal gun owners and trying to to create federal offenses out of the Second Amendment, which tells you everything you need to know about their misplaced and misguided priorities.



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