Atlanta Shootings, Senate Filibuster & More - VIP Gold Live Chat - Replay

There’s a lot to talk about during today’s VIP Gold Live Chat with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey and myself, including the shootings at several massage parlors in the Atlanta area on Tuesday evening that have left at least eight dead. Democrats in Congress will most certainly be using this tragedy to demand the Senate passage of the two gun control bills approved by the House last week, and that means that Joe Manchin and his views on the filibuster are going to be of prime concern to gun owners.

President Joe Biden gave the thumbs up to “filibuster reform” in an interview on Tuesday, while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned Democrats that Republicans would use every other tool in the toolbox to grind business in the Senate to a near halt if they pursue plans to turn the filibuster into a non-entity.

Ultimately, you decide the topics on the live chat, but I think these topics should be top-of-mind to those concerned about protecting the human right of self-defense, rather than exploiting a tragedy for a purely political gain.

You can join the live chat right here, and if you miss any of it it’s always available on demand for our VIP Gold members.