Gun Owners Should Be Thanking Samantha Bee For Her Gun Control Special

I know Samantha Bee wants a gun owner like me to be filled with rage over the latest episode of her show Full Frontal, but honestly, I’m glad she decided to devote an entire half-hour to elaborating on her thoughts about guns and the Second Amendment. After all, she did a bang-up job of demonstrating the utter futility and barely concealed bigotry of her anti-gun ideology, so I guess I should thank her and her Hollywood pals for her service in support of the right to keep and bear arms, even though it surely wasn’t intentional on her part.


Over at Fox News, David Rutz has some choice highlights from Bee’s show on Wednesday night (you can also read my preview of the show here), including Bee’s dig at guys who own guns and a bizarre argument that firearms manufacturers add accessories like laser sights to guns to make them appear less dangerous.

Bee compared guns to a van stripped of all safety measures and equipped with spikes and other dangerous add-ons, with the sole purpose of killing others. Like nearly all her late-night counterparts, Bee’s TBS show features her passionately regurgitating liberal mainstream media narratives with a smattering of jokes to keep things light.

“Gun manufacturers are masters of disguise when it comes to hiding how dangerous their weapons really are,” she said. “They add gadgets like lasers to create the illusion that this deathtrap is a video game or toy … They try to emasculate those fragile men who are drawn to guns.”

As Rutz points out, Bee isn’t trying to change anyone’s mind here. This isn’t about persuading gun owners to see the Second Amendment in a new light, or persuading people to get more involved in the gun control movement. Bee’s simply virtue signaling to her mostly Left-wing audience that guns are bad and that gun owners and the people who make firearms are awful people.

The problem for Bee is that there are more folks on the Left who are embracing their Second Amendment rights these days. More women too. Black gun ownership is up substantially over the past year. More Asian Americans are purchasing firearms. Are they also “fragile” and emasculated? Again, I know Bee wants to make gun owners angry with statements like this, but honestly, I find it boring. This is the same schtick gun control activists have been using for years, and it simply bears no resemblance to reality. It’s less an attack on guns than an attempt at character assassination against those who choose to own them.


She also enlisted musician Richard Marx for the special, who referred to the Second Amendment as “outdated and useless.”

Bee produced a montage of liberal politicians and minor celebrities demanding that we “do one f—ing thing” about guns, in what she calls this “hellscape of a country.” Bee often resorts to foul language to emphasize her points, such as the time she referred to Ivanka Trump as a “feckless c–t.”

As I mentioned in my preview piece, Bee never got around to saying what that “one f*cking thing” should be, but it’s clear that it involves making it harder for people to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and the more restrictive the better from Bee’s point of view.

Bee’s supposedly comedic take on gun control suffers from the same problem as all of the other Left-wing late night hosts; it’s entirely predictable. You know exactly what Bee is going to say before she says it. You even know what she’s not going to talk about; the inconvenient fact that if you believe we need more laws restricting legal gun ownership and you want those laws to be effective, you need them to be enforced.

Yep. Samantha Bee loves gun control, but she’s not too fond of the people who enforce the gun laws already on the books.

“Defunding the police means that we can significantly scale back police budgets over time, which will allow us to relocate that money to things that actually keep our community safe,” Bee lectured her audience in June of last year.


“Things like education, mental health care, affordable housing, and violence prevention programs; all things that can help reduce crime in the long run,” she continued.

And yet, last night Bee appeared to be all in favor of using the police to go after gun owners for all kinds of non-violent, possessory offenses.

Throughout the show, Bee has a mechanic take out a van’s safety features and make it as dangerous and undrivable as possible. At the episode’s end, the mechanic drives the “deregulated and unregistered death on wheels” and they both conclude such an object has no place in the hands of people.

Who does Bee think is responsible for taking that van off the streets, the Traffic Fairy? The same police that would pull that van over are the same ones that would enforce every one of the gun control laws that Bee embraces, including a blanket ban on gun ownership for all.

Samantha Bee may be a comedian, but her latest foray into anti-gun activism was ultimately unserious, and not just unfunny. Bee wants a gun ban, but doesn’t want to actually deal with the consequences of what that would look like in a country with 100-million gun owners and 400-million firearms. She wants more laws and less policing, which will somehow lead to less crime through fewer gun owners. And of course the same police that are inherently racist will suddenly be color-blind when it comes to enforcing the gun control laws she supports.

So thanks, Sam. I and other gun owners really appreciate your hard work in demonstrating not only what gun control advocates like yourself truly desire (a complete ban on gun ownership) but how simplistic and naive you are about how that would work in the real world; where more than 8-million Americans became gun owners for the very first time last year, gun sales are still continuing at a record pace, and every day tens of millions of us demonstrate that the right to keep and bear arms isn’t just a faded phrase on a piece of paper on display in the National Archives.


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