The Need For Pro-2A Journalism Is More Important Than Ever

AP Photo/Steve Helber

Every day here at Bearing Arms we’re pushing back against the anti-gun narratives found in the mainstream media; from Tom Knighton’s recent coverage of ABC News and its pro-gun control special on “gun violence” in America to the editors of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch demanding the Supreme Court uphold New York’s draconian carry laws at the expense of our right to bear arms in self-defense. The fact is that much of the mainstream media has nothing but contempt for gun owners and Second Amendment activists. I mean, we all saw how outlets like MSNBC and even shows like Saturday Night Live attempted to smear Virginia’s next Lt. Governor because she dared to speak out against banning AR-15s and other modern sporting rifles, right?


The anti-gun onslaught from the media can feel overwhelming at times, especially because the number of media outlets dedicated to covering Second Amendment news and issues without snuggling up to the gun control lobby is pretty small. Thanks to the 2A community, we do have an outsized influence, however, and we couldn’t do our job here at Bearing Arms without the support of our VIP members.

From first-hand reporting from major gun rights rallies to exclusive interviews with important figures in the Second Amendment community, our VIP members are helping to ensure that pro-gun voices aren’t silenced by Big Tech and Big Media, but can instead continue to spread the word about the importance of protecting and exercising our 2A rights.

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The Bearing Arms VIP program has three different levels to choose from, depending on your need and what you want to get out of the subscription. The basic VIP subscription will give you an ad-free experience, while the standard VIP subscription offers you access to exclusive news stories, commentary, analysis, and more. Our VIP Gold program delivers all that and more, giving you the same VIP access across the Townhall Media family, including Townhall, RedState, Twitchy, PJ Media, and HotAir. You’ll also be able to take part in live online broadcasts hosted by folks from across the various Salem platforms. HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and I, for instance, have our VIP Gold live chats every Wednesday afternoon, and this Thursday I’ll be joining PJ Media’s Stephen Kruiser and Vodkapundit for the always popular “Five O’Clock Somewhere” live chat as well.


We take our Second Amendment rights seriously here at Bearing Arms, and these are critically important times for the pro-2A movement. Your support, via a VIP membership at the level of your choosing not only helps you stay informed, but helps spread the word about our fight to secure one of the most fundamental civil rights we possess.

We wouldn’t be able to do Cam & Co every day without our VIP members, and in the coming months you’ll help us report live from statehouse rallies like the upcoming Lobby Day in Richmond, Virginia as well as the first SHOT Show to take place since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic; where tens of thousands of members of the firearms industry will gather to show off new products and hopefully give us some good news on ammo availability.

With a VIP membership to Bearing Arms, you’ll not only be ahead of the curve in terms of getting Second Amendment news and information, but you’ll be aiding the cause of independent reporting that doesn’t treat your right to keep and bear arms as an historic wrong that needs correcting. We’ll continue to call out the anti-gun bias in the media, set the record straight when it comes to misleading or misinformed pundits, and bring you the stories, experts, and important figures that the mainstream media would rather ignore; and on behalf of all the writers here at Bearing Arms, we truly appreciate all of our VIP members for their vital contributions to the cause.



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