Texas dad takes on knife-wielding Peeping Tom

Texas dad takes on knife-wielding Peeping Tom

A San Antonio man who caught a stranger peering into his daughter’s bedroom window is not expected to face charges after confronting the man and eventually firing shots at him.

Police say a young woman inside the home first spotted the unknown man peeping through her bedroom window around 10:30 Wednesday evening, and immediately told her father.

The father went outside and caught the man near his daughters window. He told police that the ‘peeper’ pulled out a knife and lunged at him.

The father said he pulled out a gun and shot towards the suspect several times. According to police, they didn’t find anyone with gunshot wounds.

Eagle assisted in the search from above and couldn’t locate anyone.

Police say the father is not expected to face any charges.

Police say the man was described as being in his 30s with a beard.

The fact that the Peeping Tom was armed with a knife makes me wonder if he had something else besides voyeurism in mind. Was he prepared to actually enter the home and assault the young woman and any family members who might have been around?

At this point, it looks like the dad didn’t actually hit the stranger with any of his shots. Police didn’t find any blood at the scene and no one matching the suspect’s description has turned up at any of the local hospitals with gunshot wounds.

This is at least the second Peeping Tom confronted by an armed citizen in Texas over the past year. Last September, a woman in Houston, Texas shot and killed a man after she spied him outside of her bedroom window.

Investigators have said the woman grabbed a rifle when she saw the man, and fired several times, thinking that she was in danger, KTRK reported.

Several shots entered her wall and the man was hit in the torso at least once, WOAI reported.

He took a few steps before he collapsed in the driveway. Police told KHOU that the owner of the home is cooperating with the authorities.

Investigators added that there doesn’t appear to be a relationship between the woman and the killed man.

… Houston Police Department Lieutenant R Willkens told reporters at the scene that “the call came just a little after 11 o’clock … officers got here on the scene, they were advised of a shooting that just occurred. We have one adult male, who’s on the side of the house … that has been shot, looks like in the torso area, with a rifle.

“What we’re being told right now is that this individual was looking into windows into this home, there was an adult female that was in one of the bedrooms, observed him looking into her window. She was in fear, she had a rifle, she shot numerous times through the wall, ended up striking the male, the male ended up walking for a little way and passed out,” he added. “He’s dead on the scene.”

I haven’t found any news stories that indicate the woman was ever charged with a crime for the shooting, and San Antonio police say no charges are expected to be filed against the dad who was protecting himself against the armed stranger who was peeking into his daughter’s bedroom.

Hopefully the Peeping Tom will be identified and arrested, but at the very least he’s learned an important lesson about the dangers of his nocturnal behavior. Whatever thrill he might derive from staring at strangers, it’s not worth the risk to his own life if he’s caught by his victim or an alert (and armed) family member who’s prepared to protect themselves or their loved ones.