In Defense of the Second Amendment

In Defense of the Second Amendment

Larry Correia is a fantastic storyteller, as anyone who’s ever read any of his Monster Hunter books can attest. Now the best-selling author is bringing those skills to a non-fiction book, and one that’s hugely important for gun owners and Second Amendment advocates.

In Defense of the Second Amendment, published by Townhall Media’s sister company Regnery Publishing, is a great resource for both gun owners and non-gun owners alike, and on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co Correia shares that one of the folks he was thinking about as he was writing was a friend of his whose wife was adamant about living in a gun-free household. Correia wanted to arm both his friend and his wife with facts so that they could make an informed choice rather than relying on the anti-gun, anti-civil rights narrative pushed by so many media outlets, politicians, and the gun control lobby itself.

You don’t have to look far to find those anti-gun talking points on your television screen. Turn on CNN, for instance, and you might see California Gov. Gavin Newsom railing against gun ownership and bemoaning the “price of freedom”… even while ignoring the fact that California’s many restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms aren’t preventing mass shootings.

“Newsom is a vulture,” Correia said, adding, “He’s a clown. The guy is always perched waiting for a tragedy and he dances in the blood.”

And unfortunately, there’s a whole wake of vultures like Newsom eager to do the same who’ve now been “poked in the eye” (to borrow Correia’s phrase) by the Supreme Court’s decision in NYSPRA v. Bruen and are lashing out by attacking the right to keep and bear arms in as many ways as possible; not only continuing to try to restrict who can carry, but where they can do so and what commonly-owned firearms they can even keep in their own homes.

“I think we’ve really got them on the ropes though. All this stuff really has the stink of desperation on it,” Correia said. “Like in Illinois, I think there are 110 counties or so and like 90 sheriffs have said they’re not going to enforce it, because it’s that blatantly unconstitutional.”

Desperate people can do dangerous things, though, and Correia is deeply concerned about the ATF’s new rule on pistol stabilizing braces, which has the potential to turn tens of millions of legal gun owners into felons, at least on paper, if they don’t register their brace-equipped pistols as “short barreled rifles” under the NFA. Correia says that the new rule is bad enough, but he’s also concerned that the ATF’s next move could implicate even more gun owners if the new rule isn’t halted by the courts.

Larry is not only a great author but a fun interview subject as well, and I encourage you to check out the entire conversation in the video window below as well as picking up a copy or three of In Defense of the Second Amendment; one for your own bookshelf and at least a couple more to give to any family or friends who could use a reality check on our right to keep and bear arms.