CT governor unveils third round of gun control bills

AP Photo/Jessica Hill

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont has already proposed a number of new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners in the state this year, including expanding the state’s ban on so-called assault weapons to cover all those firearms that were previously grandfathered by lawmakers. The anti-gun governor has so many bad ideas when it comes to infringing on the rights of residents that he’s held multiple press conferences to unveil them, and on Wednesday he unleashed another round of potential infringements, including a 10-day waiting period on all gun sales in the state.


The package also includes an expansion of the state’s existing safe-storage requirements, a prohibition against carrying loaded firearms in vehicles, the mandatory inclusion of trigger locks in all gun sales and a requirement that all new semi-automatic pistols sold beginning next year be equipped with safety designs that prevent them from being fired accidentally when the magazine is removed.

Lamont said he will also ask lawmakers to make a conviction for a crime involving family violence a bar for holding a state gun permit, closing a loophole that conflicts with federal law.

“The overwhelming majority of Connecticut residents want commonsense measures enacted that encourage gun safety and prevent harm from impacting our homes and our communities,” Lamont said in a statement. “This is especially needed to prevent tragic accidents, as well as instances of domestic violence and suicide.”

Lawmakers have yet to be given a formal bill containing all of Lamont’s gun violence initiatives for the current legislative session. The governor told reporters last week that his requests will be drafted into legislation as part of his budget proposal this month.

Critics, however, have already mounted an opposition to Lamont’s efforts, which they argue fails to address issues around the enforcement of the state’s already-strict gun laws.


Lamont wants to turn Connecticut into a bite-sized East Coast California, even though the future of many of California’s gun control laws is already in doubt thanks to the plethora of plaintiffs challenging them in court. And just like Gavin Newsom, Lamont is directing his attention squarely at legal gun owners, not those responsible for the violence in Connecticut cities like Hartford, where murders last year were the highest in 20 years.

“His angst continues to be targeted toward lawful gun owners that responsibly use their firearms for lawful purposes daily, including hunting, recreational shooting and self-defense,” Mark Oliva, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation in Newtown, said in a statement last week. “He speaks of protecting the rights of his citizens while at the same time proposing unconstitutional legislation that would deny law-abiding citizens the ability to exercise a God-given right.”

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League has also panned Lamont’s proposals, declaring that “King Lamont is frothing at the mouth” in his desire for more control over state residents. The group will be holding a series of legislative workshops this month designed to educate and inform gun owners about the threat to their Second Amendment rights, as well as offering some tips on effective advocacy. The CCDL was instrumental in defeating a number of similar proposals offered by Lamont last year, and though the governor will be twisting arms of his own this session, gun owners aren’t backing down or shutting up in defense of their fundamental right to armed self-defense.



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