Philly woman shoots man after he smashes car window in road rage attack

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

A lawfully-armed woman in Philadelphia was acting in self-defense when she shot a man who had just smashed one of her car’s windows with a crowbar, according to local police.


The incident happened in the University City neighborhood around 5:30 Wednesday afternoon, when the two motorists encountered each other. Authorities haven’t released details of what led up to the man approaching the woman’s vehicle with a crowbar in hand, but they have recounted what happened next.

“This was a road rage incident. This 22-year-old was operating a Chevy in the area of 30th and Chestnut and got into a road rage incident with a 27-year-old female who was driving her vehicle also at 30th and Chestnut,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

At some point, police say the 22-year-old man got out of his vehicle and smashed the woman’s rear window with a crowbar.

In response, the woman shot the man one time in the groin.

Small says the man tried to drive himself to the hospital but fell out of his vehicle along 22nd and Market streets in Center City.

He was then transported to Penn Presbyterian Hospital with serious injuries.

According to police, the 27-year-old woman has a valid concealed carry license, and though she left the scene for her own safety she reported what had happened to police once she arrived at a family member’s home and is cooperating with the police investigation. I hope for her sake she’s gotten an attorney involved, even though it clearly seems like she was justified in defending herself once the 22-year-old broke out her car window. As we’ve seen in other parts of the country recently, acting in self-defense can still result in criminal charges, and it’s always a good idea to have legal representation when talking to authorities no matter how justified you believe your actions might have been.


As for the 22-year-old, at last report he’s in critical condition in a Philadelphia hospital with a gunshot wound to his groin, and if and when he’s released he’ll likely be taken into custody and formally charged with attacking the woman.

After three straight years of more than 500 homicides violent crime is down slightly in the city so far this year, but the city is still home to plenty of violent offenders. According to WPVI-TV, as of May 1st murders were down 14% compared to the same time period in 2022, while non-fatal shootings have decreased by 18%. At the same time, the homicide clearance rate has increased from 50% to 65%, which means that fewer criminals are getting away with murder.

All of these are encouraging signs, but Philadelphians are still smart to want to protect themselves as this concealed carry holder did. Thankfully anti-gunners haven’t been able to implement the same kinds of 2A restrictions that we’ve seen in states like New Jersey, where lawmakers have made it a felony offense for concealed carry holders to have their firearm by their side when they’re behind the wheel. That particular provision is on hold thanks to U.S. District Judge Renee Marie Bumb’s recent injunction, but if gun control groups had their way this woman would have been unarmed and unable to defend herself when a violent stranger came at her with a crowbar.


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