Biden's Border Policies Lead to Surging Gun Sales in Southern California

AP Photo/Morgan Lee

While the Biden administration is scheming to keep Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights, the New York Post reports that his failure to secure the southern border is leading to a surge in gun sales in California. Reporter Jennie Taer recently spent a few hours at Firearms Unlimited California in El Cajon, where a steady stream of customers said the surge in illegal immigrants has them increasingly concerned for their personal safety. 


After Texas worked to seal off large swaths of its border with Mexico with razor wire and boots on the ground, more migrants started making their way to California. 

The Border Patrol saw a daily average of 1,200 migrants crossing into the San Diego region illegally during the week ending on Feb. 4, while some of Texas’ busiest sectors averaged just hundreds of crossings during that time period. according to government data obtained by CBS News.

In Texas’ Del Rio border area, migrant apprehensions dropped to 200 a day the week of Feb. 4 — compared to the 2,300 daily crossings in December.

“The problem for people that live around the gun store is the street dropoffs,” [gun store owner Cory] Gautereaux said.

The US Border Patrol has begun busing migrants who claim asylum into the community and releasing them onto the streets, he said.

“That’s driven business to us,” he added.

Even though buying a gun is an expensive and time-consuming process in California, and carrying one lawfully is an even bigger ordeal, Gautereaux's customers say the influx of illegal entries and the fact that the Border Patrol is dumping migrants on the streets has forced their hand. 

The issue convinced Keith Carnevale, one of Gautereaux’s customers, to arm his entire family.

“My wife and I have had home defense guns for many years. Recently though with all the stuff that’s happening south of the border and all the people coming over, my concerns have broadened,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s just the people that are coming over to try to find work, I think we have a lot of hostile people that are coming over with ill will, ill intent that will potentially cause chaos.”

Keith’s son, Anthony Carnevale, who came with him to buy a gun of his own, said the area is just not equipped to handle the huge numbers of street releases. 

“I don’t think it’s just a matter of the numbers of undocumented people, I think a lot of people are concerned about the state of our own government to be just allowing this and why,” he said.

Local Sharie Finn told The Post that the border issue “1,000%” plays a role in her decision to buy a gun, pointing to the Glock pistol in her bag. 

She and her husband Wally run an organization that helps families find their missing loved ones — some of whom have been victims of predators who were in the country illegally.

“I have that with me everywhere I go,” Sharie Finn said.


If California Democrats get their way, Sharie won't be able to lawfully carry her Glock everywhere she goes, because most publicly accessible places will be off-limits to concealed carry licensees. They're all for open borders, but they're building a wall around the right to keep and bear arms, and folks like Finn are the primary target of their civil rights abuses. 

El Cajon's mayor admits that the city is seeing "massive amounts of violence", not only from the illegal immigrants but from the city's homeless population, and he acknowledged to the Post he too believes more residents are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights, at least to the extent that they can in the most anti-gun state in the Union. 

California tilts so far to the left that it's a safe pickup for Biden in November, even with the growing concern over his border policies. But the surge in illegal immigration under Biden's watch is also helping to change the face of gun ownership in southern California... and that could have long-term ramifications if these new gun owners make their Second Amendment rights a top priority in future elections. 

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