Good Introduces Bill Repealing Suppressor Restrictions

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Virginia congressman Bob Good is facing a tough primary fight in his bid for re-election, but he's putting the powers of incumbency to good use ahead of the June 18th primary election in the 5th District. Good has introduced the Silencers Help Us Save Hearing (SHUSH) Act, which would remove the federal restrictions on purchasing or possessing suppressors.


The measure that stands zero chance of being enacted into law with the Senate and the White House under Democratic control, but it is a way for Good to remind voters that he's a Second Amendment supporter. 

“I oppose any form of regulation or tax on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. No constitutional right should be at risk due to public opinion, or subject to regulatory and tax burdens," he said. "These rights certainly extend to the procurement of safety accessories for firearms. My legislation would eliminate the overly complicated and antiquated process for acquiring suppressors and ensure that those purchases are no longer subject to federal regulation.”

He's not wrong, even if the bill is more of a signal to Second Amendment supporters like myself than anything else. Suppressors are actually mandated in several European countries, and if they were easier to acquire here we'd probably see far fewer stories like this popping up. 

Some people living in Burgin, [Kentucky] are speaking out after they say a neighbor's gun range has ruined their peace.

Janet Dollar's home sits right across the street from the gun range.

"We purchased our home during the winter months, so we didn't hear any gunfire during that time. As soon as springtime hit, it was nonstop. There were many mornings that we woke to cannons firing, multiple gunshots, round after round," Dollar explained.

Dollar says they still own that home but moved down the road. 


I don't mind hearing my neighbors shoot on their property, but obviously, not everyone feels the same way. While suppressors won't completely negate the report of gunfire, they'll at least reduce the noise to a more manageable level, to the point that folks like Dollar might not even be aware that their neighbor is enjoying some quality time on the backyard range. 

Good's bill would be a great thing if it was enacted into law, but it's not going to happen in this session of Congress. Will it help him with voters in VA-5? 

Speaking as a constituent, it definitely doesn't hurt. 

In full disclosure, I have a real problem with how Good has been elected, as well as some of the positions he's taken while in office. Though I've lived in the Fifth District for over a decade, I've never had the chance to vote in a Republican congressional primary here. Instead, nominees have been selected in a convention instead of an open primary.  

This year we actually do have a primary, and Good is facing a tough challenge from state Sen. John McGuire. As far as I'm concerned, both candidates are solid on the Second Amendment, so my vote will be based on other considerations. 

Originally, I was planning on voting for the challenger just to send a message that I don't care for how the GOP has been conducting the nominating process over the past few years, but I've had to rethink that position since McGuire announced his candidacy. As annoyed as I am at the past actions of the committee, I have an even bigger issue with the fact that McGuire declared his candidacy for Congress the day after he won his state Senate seat last November. I can't stand political job-hopping, and if McGuire had his heart set on going to D.C., I think he owed it to voters to inform us of that fact when he was asking us to send him to Richmond. 


I'm glad I actually have the chance to cast a ballot this year, and I'm grateful that whoever wins the nomination will stand up for our Second Amendment rights. I'm honestly still undecided about how I'll cast my vote on June 18th, but as I said, Good's new bill doesn't hurt his chances... at least with this gun-owning voter. 

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