Fed Up By CT Guns Law, PTR Industries Will Relocate To South Carolina

With Connecticut’s recent surge of anti-gun legislation, Bristol firearms manufacturer PTR Industries announced that they will be relocating to South Carolina.

A PTR Industries executive confirmed the move Wednesday, after two months of speculation and searching for a suitable location that would be considered “friendly to the industry”. PTR will continue their business in Aynor, S.C., near Myrtle Beach.


The decision was nearly unanimous for the 45 employees, who not only agreed to the move but voted South Carolina as their most desirable state. Other gun manufacturers have recently expressed interest in moving, including Stag Arms, who plans to visit South Carolina later this week.

John McNamara, the vice president of sales at PTR, offered few details about the decision but acknowledged that the move would take some time, since the current building in S.C. needed to be improved before manufacturing could begin.
PTR has agreed to keep an investment of $8 million and at least 145 employees through 2025 as part of a lease agreement that the company has signed with the county—according to a Horry County resolution approved Tuesday.

The move will take place over three years with current employees transitioning to their new state over time. The decision was easy for McNamara and PTR Industries, who cited recent anti-gun laws in CT as their primary reason for leaving.


Governor Dannel Malloy wasn’t available to comment but his spokesman, said of the news: “They announced this several months ago, so it’s not a surprise. We compete for jobs every day of the week, but on this issue the governor is prioritizing public safety, and the gun violence prevention law he signed will improve public safety.”

Much like the recent push to recall politicians attempting to encroach on the Second Amendment, this is yet another sign of things to come for states looking to pass stringent anti-gun laws.

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