Army Could Endanger Soldiers With Green Ammo Exchange

Green initiatives have been a core part of Obama’s platform since the day he took office, but nothing he’s pushed has had success.  From wind energy to Solyndra, every renewed effort has been met with expensive costs and ineffective power sources.


To make matters worse, he hasn’t learned his lesson—and the resulting aftermath from this newest policy could end up harming our troops.  From a report by the Daily Caller, the Army has announced a plan to reduce their environment impact, but doing so could limit bullet performance and stopping power.

The army has already started to use “green” 5.56 rounds in most of the branch’s small arms that use this caliber.  But now there are talks of expanding this initiative to larger calibers.

From the Daily Caller,

The Army’s Picatinny Arsenal is working on a “green” version of the M80A1 7.62 mm bullet, which troops are supposed to start being issued in 2014, according to an Army press release.

Environmentalist will happily mediate the transition into the green “era” for our military, but in exchange for less lead, these soldier’s will have to deal with limited ballistic effectiveness.


Fox News has more,

“[The round] has not been providing the ‘stopping power’ the user would like at engagement ranges less than 150 yards” in a 2005 briefing.

Listen, we don’t mind limiting the amount of lead in bullets and protecting the environment, but not at the expense of our soldiers.  These men and women already make enough sacrifices and shouldn’t have to worry about how effective their ammo will be.  We’ll do our best to keep up with this story as it develops and hope that the U.S. Army realizes it’s grave mistake.

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