Just two weeks short weeks after Governor Jerry Brown showed his hand by signing a number of gun control measures into law, Californians are putting their money down on a sure bet: AR-15 rifles.

“The California compliant rifles right now are non-existent. There is nothing out there,” said Ray Parga, owner of Del Valle Gunsmithing in Marina, CA.

Parga told local reporters that sales of AR-15 style firearms are through the roof. Not only are the guns he had in stock completely sold out, but replenishment orders were sold before they’ll ever touch store shelves.

“We’re getting right now, probably 20 calls a day and we are a small shop,” said Parga. “Generally they just want to be able to have one before they aren’t allowed to buy them anymore.”

Parga said he noticed traffic pick up and sales start to soar immediately after Brown signed several bills within the proposed Gunmegeddon legislation earlier this month. One measure banned the so-called ‘bullet button’, saying this would prevent mass shooters from being able to rapidly reload.

“That is the serialized part that the federal government considers a firearm and that is basically the base for the AR,” said Parga.

But Parga knows politicians are only bluffing when they say adding more gun laws will curtail any criminals’ behavior.

“Criminals don’t care about the law. Evil is as evil is,” said Parga.

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