St. Paul Woman Stops Violent Attack on Husband by Drawing Her Gun

A St. Paul, Minnesota man was brutally assaulted by a gang of 15 to 30 young men who were gambling in his driveway as he returned from work.

32-year-old Bruce Chang says when he tried to clear the group to gain access to his driveway, they began to assault him, even throwing rocks and jabbing sticks at his face and torso.


“I didn’t know I was stabbed but I felt the pressure and fell to one knee,” he said. “I immediately pushed off, because you got to survive.”

Although Chang had obtained his firearms permit for personal protection years ago, he is not allowed to carry at his workplace and says that’s why he did not have his weapon on him when he returned home that day.

Fortunately for him, his wife also has a permit. She was able to run outside and draw her gun – scaring off the gang and ending her husband’s violent attack.

“With one of my older neighbors, who knows what would have happened,” Chang said.

St. Paul police are increasing patrols in the neighborhood and ask for the public’s help. Anyone with information on those responsible is asked to call them at 651- 216-1636.

Yet another reason to carry your weapon with you and if you have to leave it in the car, better to have it nearby than not at all.

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