Shooting is a Perishable Skill


I’m very excited to be in Culpeper, VA this weekend for a few classes with John Murphy, Owner and Lead Instructor of FPF Training!

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Murphy through Pat Rogers, who I met at the NRA’S Great American Outdoor Show back in February. I was introduced to Rogers by someone who said, “He’s kind of a big deal.” I mean, he does have ridges named after him, so when Pat said he was going to put me in touch with some guy down in Virginia for concealed carry training: I listened and I went.


Last night was spent getting to know Murphy as we set up his range and sat down for some pretty fantastic Mexican food and conversation. I love talking to people from all walks of life, but as I said last night over guacamole, “God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should listen twice as much as we talk.”

Murphy and I share the same philosophy: If you think you have enough training, you need more training. There’s always something you can learn or another way of looking at an issue you thought you had locked in – either as a trainer or as a trainee.

As Rogers once said, “As shooting is a perishable skill, you need good initial training followed up with regular sustainment training. Even the best initial training will rapidly dissipate unless you constantly refresh it.”

So very true.

For me, I’m most looking forward to learning more about on how to perfect a successful draw stroke and my constant interest in the legal side of what happens after you shoot. This class is right up my alley:

This ten hour class is intended for near novice and experienced shooters alike seeking to acquire the basic skills required for carrying and employing a concealed handgun in self-defense.

The class consists of an extensive read ahead email, multi-media classroom presentation and subsequent defensive marksmanship training drills. These defensive marksmanship training drills emphasize safety, pistol manipulation (load, unload, reload, reduce malfunctions, perform a concealed draw stroke), practical marksmanship and the legal considerations of employing deadly force.  Students must have completed a basic handgun course, military service or some other form of pistol training.

THIS IS NOT A “BASIC” pistol class, rather is  an introduction to the choices and consequences of the concealed carry lifestyle.  Please email with any questions.


While I’m eager to dig in and get started on the Concealed Carry: Foundation Skills class I’ll be in today, I’m wondering how many of our readers go above and beyond the required training for their concealed carry permit. I found it intimidating to carry at first, having only ever shot my gun at the gun range in a straight line in a controlled environment.

That’s why I’m also looking forward to taking you with me! I have my GoPro ready to strap to my hat and, if the weather cooperates with the training, we should get some video up so everyone can see not only how fun these training classes are necessary, but also fun.

Hopefully, seeing more of us going through these training classes will encourage and inspire more of you to get out there and find what courses are in your area so we can effectively use our weapons if the need arises.

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