LA Taco Stand Employee Shoots Armed Robber

When three armed robbers approached a taco stand at the intersection of San Pedro Street and West Century Boulevard, one employee grabbed a gun for self defense.


“He defended himself,” LAPD Sgt. M. Mason told the Los Angeles Times.

The employee shot and killed one of the three armed robbers and scared the other two away. He was taken into custody and is cooperating with authorities.

The deceased has been identified as Lomita resident Darnell Washington and authorities are still looking for the two men who were with him when the robbery occurred.

“Three men walked up to the taco stand with the intention of robbing it,” LAPD Lt. Clint Dohmen said. “One of the men pulled out a handgun and one of the employees at the taco stand pulled out his gun and fired at the robbers.”

“Right now it looks like the employee was acting in self defense to protect himself and the other employee at the taco stand,” Dohmen added.

Bien hecho , hombre de tacos.

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