Every Day Carry: What's in Your Pockets?


Everyone has essential gear they carry with them wherever they go. A cell phone, knife, Chapstick, lighter, multi-purpose tool, pepper spray, extra magazine clip – there are so many things to choose from, but everyone has their own set of go-to items that work for them.


So, I want to know: what’s in your pockets?

I’m compiling a list of great gear for Mother’s Day, Graduation and Father’s Day gifts and while I’m extremely lucky and get to test gear straight from companies who generously send us products to test, what I really want to know is what our readers are carrying or have found works best for them. I’m especially looking forward to hearing if anyone has found a new tool or product that they’ve found especially useful, so sound off in the comments and feel free to share links!

For those of you who may not carry anything yet, here’s a short video with a few basics to get you started:

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