Husband Shoots Home Intruder Holding Couple at Gunpoint

A husband in Detroit successfully defended himself and his wife when an intruder ordered them into their basement and held the couple at gunpoint.

Detroit police said two armed men were expecting to rob Daniel McNamara and his wife Monday night, but they weren’t expecting what happened next.


“He kept telling us to turn around, I said ‘No, I’m not going to turn around,’ I said ‘You’ve got to kill me face to face’,” said McNamara.

He said the suspects wanted him and his wife to turn around so they wouldn’t remember their faces.

During the home invasion, the suspects took both of the McNamara’s wedding rings, her purse, cash and cell phones.

“He kept pointing the gun at my head and said, ‘You don’t think I’ll kill you face to face?’ I said ‘I don’t know, but you’re going to have to because I’m not turning around’,” said McNamara.

He said he happened to have a gun stashed in the same area the suspects were holding the pair at gun point.

“All I could think about, how can I get that gun,” said McNamara.

He took his opportunity when one of the suspects said he would be right back and turned around and headed toward the stairs.

“Of course I was scared, who wouldn’t be? Some goon has a gun to your head and tells you he’s going to shoot you because you’ve seen his face,” said McNamara.


He fired off two shots and hit one of the suspects once, sending the suspects fleeing.

While one home intruder was located at a local hospital, police are still searching for the second suspect.

McNamara remains thankful the situation ended the way it did.

“The Lord looked out for us today,” he said.

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