Busch League Carjackers Pick the Wrong Car to Jack

Police say a group of carjackers in St. Louis, MO picked the wrong car to jack Monday night outside the Flying Saucer restaurant, just about a block from Busch Stadium.


Authorities say the would-be victim was sitting in his truck outside the restaurant waiting for his girlfriend shortly after 10:30 PM on Tuesday night when a 20-year-old suspect approached his vehicle and attempted the armed robbery.

But as the would-be victim exited his truck, he drew his gun. As the armed robber jumped into his truck, the man shot shot him before he could get away, causing the vehicle to crash.

Two other suspects, who were seated inside a Mitsubishi, fired shots at the victim, who then returned fire, striking the vehicle.

After the gunfire was exchanged, the victim ran to a nearby business and notified police.

The injured suspect was driven to the hospital by the other suspects.

The armed citizen was treated for gunshot wound to the leg and released from a nearby hospital.

The 27-year-old suspect was taken into custody at the hospital and the third suspect, described as a 21-year-old woman, ran from the hospital.

The investigation has been turned over to homicide and detectives will continue to look into the incident.

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