Armed Robber's Attempt to Target Woman Backfires


A 34-year-old Little Rock woman refused to be a victim Sunday morning when she drew her gun and shot a man attempting to rob her at gunpoint.

Tiffany Williamson said she was sitting in her car playing with her dog when a man approached the front of her vehicle.


Williamson told police the man walked up, pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at her and said, “Give me all you got.”

Little did the armed robber know, he had pulled a gun on an armed guard. Williamson immediately grabbed her gun beside her, and fired one shot through her windshield at her armed assailant.

Although the man attempted to flee the scene, the woman wasn’t content with letting him get away. Williamson proceeded to tail the man, calling police and reporting his escape route. She eventually lost sight of him, but gave police a detailed description of the armed robber for police to pursue, according to the report.

Police have not reported whether the man was hit by the woman’s bullet and investigators continue to search for Williamson’s armed robber.

Williamson described him as a black man with a light build and curly hair.

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