Zero Tolerance on Gun Rights

The video essay assigned by his teacher last year seemed like just another school assignment—but little did high school senior Frank Harvey know that it would turn his life upside down. For the project, students were required to pick a political issue that related to the upcoming presidential election, and Frank chose to argue against gun control.


His teacher approved his topic and Frank went on to produce a video that provided examples of people using guns to defend themselves. He received an A on the assignment.

This fall though, after Frank accidentally left the assignment on a flash drive on a computer in the Manville High School library, someone found it and turned it over to school administration. They immediately suspended Frank and ordered him to undergo a psychological evaluation. The teacher no longer recalls handing out that assignment.

In an exclusive interview with Frank and his mother Mary Vervan, Ginny Simone says they are determined to put this behind them—even if it means going to court.

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