Armed Texas Jogger Shoots Would-Be Armed Robber in the Groin

An armed robber in Arlington, TX was put out of commission when he caught up to a health nut jogging to the gym for his morning workout on Wednesday. But when he caught up with him, the runner gave him a workout he’ll never forget!

According to Arlington police, an unidentified man was jogging to the gym Wednesday when he noticed a truck following him in the 6000 block of Poly Webb Road, near Interstate-20.

Reports say a juvenile passenger got out of the truck brandished a gun and demanded money from the jogger. The jogger, who was also armed, resisted, pulled his weapon and fired several times. Bullets hit the suspect in the groin area. The injured suspect ran back to the truck and quickly left the scene.

Police quickly found the truck abandoned near Cedar Cove Court and Lindberg Drive. Investigators say the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Arlington on February 16.

Arlington police received tips that the suspect had gotten out of the truck and into an SUV, which they located and stopped at the intersection of Poly Webb Road and Little Road. The SUV was being driven by a woman with the suspect in the passenger seat – who immediately gave up and told cops “I’ve been shot.”

Nice shooting, Tex – love that this health nut knows being healthy means taking care of your body and your personal protection.

The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of his gunshot wound and the original robbery victim was shaken up, but not seriously injured in the incident.

Arlington police said they view the shooting as a clear case of self-defense but the incident is still under investigation.


Dec 04, 2021 11:30 AM ET