Armed Robber Gets Checked by Concealed Carrying Hotel Staff

With more than 15 million Americans licensed to carry concealed firearms, you’d think armed robbers would be prepared to have their fire met with fire. But sadly, many still don’t think they’ll be challenged.


Such was the case for this poor schmuck from Weston, WV, who thought he could just stroll into a Clarksburg hotel on Wednesday and pull off an armed robbery without a fight.

Austin Lodge, 24, went into the Sutton Inn on Emily Drive at approximately 2 a.m. and demanded money from the clerk, according to the Clarksburg Police Department.

The clerk told police that Lodge, who was wearing a black hoodie, jeans with sequins, and earrings, covered his face and said, “Don’t make me pull my piece.”

The clerk then pulled a firearm, police said, and Lodge ran toward Kroger without taking anything from the hotel.

Police arrived on the scene and found Lodge at the hotel. He was arrested and charged with first-degree robbery charge. Lodge is now enjoying lovely accommodations at the local jail.

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