[VIDEO] At The Ripe Old Age of 84, This Female Sharpshooter Still Hits Her Mark

We hear about it all the time – women are getting into shooting sports and empowering themselves by learning firearm safety at all ages. But this story blows everyone else out of the water!


Great Big Story reports:

At age 65, Chandro Tomar, who lives in a small village in the Uttar Pradesh state of northern India, stumbled upon a shooting range and picked up a gun for the first time. When she aimed the gun at a target and pulled the trigger, she realized she was a natural. Just like that, Tomar became a sharpshooter.

Now 84 years old, Tomar has won countless shooting competitions, but she’s most proud of the impact she’s had training other young women in her community.

Tomar is affectionately known as “Grandma Big Shot” in her community and said she’s no longer ashamed of her shooting skills.

“On top of being a sport, it teaches women like me self-defense,” Tomar said. “If we’re in a dangerous situation, we can protect ourselves by firing a gun.”

Watch and share Tomar’s story: she is truly an inspiration!

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