Dana Loesch Schools Liberals in How the Justice Department Works

What’s the best way to combat the rampant gun violence sweeping through The Windy City?

  • Criminal justice reform?
  • Stricter sentencing for repeat offenders?
  • Increasing police presence in crime-ridden neighborhoods?
  • Imposing accountability protocols for law enforcement?

Well, how about just adding some jobs to the area? I’m sure if these misunderstood hooligans could have the opportunity to do something constructive, like work at Whole Foods as a bag boy, they would put down their guns and start asking politely, “Would you like paper or plastic, ma’am?”

Stop laughing, they’re totes serious, guys.

CBS Chicago reports:

The MacArthur Foundation announced Monday it’s giving $10 million in grants to combat gun violence in Chicago.

Among the ten organizations receiving money is Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives (CNI).

The non-profit believes the old saying that “nothing stops a bullet like a job,” so it has worked to bring a Whole Foods store to Englewood, as well as a Walmart and a Method soap factory to Pullman.

In addition, CNI is working to provide affordable housing to struggling communities.

Dana Loesch joined Grand Stinchfield on NRA-TV to break this caring solution to gun violence and offers a remedial education on just how the Department of Justice actually works.


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