Gang Member's Arrest On Gun Charges A California Gun Control Fail

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California just keeps popping up in the Bearing Arms feed as of late. Two prior pieces recently discussed the political makeup and continual restriction of rights in the Golden State:  Too Much Freedom: California City Moves To Restrict Carry Permits and San Diego City Council Discriminating Against Gun Shops? All the laws and freedom limiting restrictions must make California an oasis of safety and compliance. A veritable safe haven for all that wish to be protected from firearm violence and crime.


As reported in the Merced Sun-Star it seems a potential bad actor didn’t get the memo about California’s laws. It is alleged that a known gang member in Merced named Angel Llamas was arrested on April 9th 2021 on suspicion of being in possession of a firearm and ammunition by a prohibited person.

A traffic stop led to the arrest of a gang member in possession of a firearm Friday evening in Merced, according to police.

A member of the Merced Police Department Gang Unit located the semi-automatic handgun inside the vehicle after it was stopped at 5 p.m. on South R Street and Home Avenue.

The driver was identified as Angel Llamas, 36, of Merced. Llamas is a validated gang member on Merced County probation. Llamas’ criminal history prevents him from possessing any firearms or ammunition, according to the officers.

The article continues by asking the public to reach out to City of Merced PD with any further information they may have about the alleged crime. What information they are exactly seeking is puzzling, as this seems to be a rather cut and dry case of a gang member going against the grain of California’s anti-gun utopia, a true outlier based on one person’s behavior.

The nation is currently being tempest tossed by waves of anti-freedom policy and rhetoric. The Biden-Harris administration is waving ceremonial executive actions that hold very little weight of law in the faces of Americans, including gang members like Llamas who’ve already run afoul of the law. An anti-gun, freedom hater is being tapped to be the head of Biden’s “AFT”.  Meanwhile, states all over the country are digging their heels in by adopting permitless carry laws and are toying with Second Amendment sanctuary status.


The crimes that Llamas has allegedly committed took place while he’s on probation. The arrest revolves around his alleged prohibited persons status, which makes it doubtful that Llamas holds a current concealed weapons license in the state. Of course, even in a “shall-issue” state Llamas wouldn’t have been able to legally carry. California’s gun control regime doesn’t actually stop gang members like Llamas from getting strapped. Instead, it’s law-abiding citizens who are the ones left unarmed and defenseless thanks to California’s restrictive carry laws.

All the freedom limiting policymakers; from city council members, to police chiefs, to congresscritters, all the way up to the White House need to look no further to see the bitter fruits of putting more restrictions on the rights of responsible gun owners. The criminals and gang members already adopt their own shall-issue and purchase permitting systems by ignoring the laws that are on the books.

The continual introduction of onerous limitations to citizens’ abilities to protect themselves do nothing to make America any safer. As it is, the criminals running amuck on our streets have more freedoms than the law abiding citizen, at least until they get arrested. After that, they’re often given a plea bargain and returned to the street with the empty promise of incarceration for violating probation rattling around in their heads.


We can be sure that whatever new law or policies are passed in the country or California in the “interest of public safety”, on the promise that this is the law that will finally solve the problem, will certainly fall flat on its own face. If the laws on the books actually worked (or were dutifully executed), we would not “need” any more.

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