Pro-2A Resolutions still being passed in New Jersey

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Something that has seemingly drifted off into obscurity since the pandemic started is the matter of Second Amendment sanctuaries. While many of these resolutions are somewhat symbolic in nature, they are meaningful. The passage of such measures loudly and proudly communicates what the citizens of any given jurisdiction thinks about further so-called gun control measures. Yes, this is a good tool of implying intent and desire, especially when state politicians often ignore the peasants. Although in certain areas, such as ones where Sheriffs refuse to enforce any further restrictions to the right, there can be teeth with them. New Jersey is not one of the strongholds we’d think of when it comes to patriotism and taking a stand against infringements to our rights, at least not in modern history. From the Garden State, a pivotal battleground during the American Revolution, we have another town that has passed a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution.


As reported on the Atlantic County 2A Grassroots Facebook page, as well as the Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization’s main page, Galloway Township has entered into the fold of municipalities that have said “enough is enough”.  From their post:

Galloway PASSED‼️🇺🇸 Thank you to Galloway Mayor and Council! Unanimous yes to pass their Second Amendment Resolution! Outstanding group of men! It was a pleasure working with all of you!💥🔫🇺🇸

The Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization (GS2AGO) has been pivotal in the sanctuary movement in New Jersey, spearheading the effort over the last few years.

The passage of this resolution did not go unnoticed by mainstream media. The Press of Atlantic County covered this story last week when the news broke. Naturally they were sure to set the record straight in their opening about what the passage means.

The township on Tuesday joined local municipalities and counties supporting the 2nd Amendment with a resolution that is wholly symbolic and does not override gun-control laws passed by the state.

At least that’ll put many of the hypersensitive Karen’s in New Jersey a little at ease, with many of them two mochaccinos away from stroking out. Aside from their qualifying disclaimer, and let the record reflect I personally would have no issues with the nullification of New Jersey’s Draconian freedom limiting laws, they do touch on the heart and core of why such acts are important.


Spearheading the effort to mobilize Atlantic County in this regard is the Atlantic County 2A Organization, part of the larger Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization.

Sandy Hickerson, a member of Atlantic County 2A who lives in Absecon, spoke at the Township Council meeting Tuesday. She said municipalities need to take a symbolic stand against state gun-control laws she felt infringed upon county residents’ 2nd Amendment rights — specifically those that pertained to fees on legal gun owners and proposed regulations about domestic gun storage, which she said compromised self-defense. She maintained her agenda was nonpartisan and credited the Township Council for paying attention to the issue.

“We feel that our rights have been chipped away at, little by little, longer than I’ve been alive,” Hickerson said. “So we are asking our mayor and our council to stand with the law-abiding citizens to help us keep our rights.”

Not only is Hickerson a charged member of the Atlantic County 2A Organization and the parent group GS2AGO, she’s also a member of the teal clad super hero league the DC Project. As a New Jersey member, Hickerson recently joined other Teal Team Two patriots in a cadre to discuss Second Amendment issues with newly installed Senator Ed “The Trucker” Durr.


I reached out to Sandy Hickerson about this monumental movement and this is what she had to say to me:

Every council in every town should say the same thing. Gun rights are for everyone. It’s up to the individual to decide if they want to exercise that right. But don’t stop others from doing so. Our government shouldn’t stop us either.

A person quoted in the Press article in opposition brought up an interesting point that’s worth repeating.

Mary Crawford, a former deputy mayor of Galloway and a Democrat, said there was no reason to pass a resolution specifically privileging the 2nd Amendment. She also raised concerns that the resolution could be construed as expressing township opposition to future gun regulations that could be passed on the state and federal levels.

The former deputy mayor hits the nail on the head. Passing such resolutions is saying exactly what her concern is, that the township has indeed expressed opposition towards future laws passed both Federally and on the State level. Crawford basically brought into full focus the argument of why these resolutions are important and just because her opinion is not one that embraces civil liberties, she has voiced her own opposition. It’s unfortunate that with having the Second Amendment that we’re moved to do such things, but because of political forces that don’t respect liberties, this is one other avenue the villagers have to make their feelings known to the crown. Thank you Crawford for solidifying the importance of this.


Even though we’re against all odds, the Second Amendment is alive and well in New Jersey. According to a post on Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization’s page, eight of the 21 counties have passed Second Amendment resolutions, which might not seem like a lot, but it is for a state that’s known for having a governor that says the Bill of Rights is above his pay grade. 38% of the political county borders and countless other towns have adopted the protection of this right officially. Further, looking at a map of where such measures were passed, nearly half the landmass of the Garden State is indicated as being pro 2A.

The work of groups like Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization is commendable. Given the odds and what patriots in states like New Jersey are up against, let’s turn back the clock and offer up our Kudos! With the continual storm of awful policy being pushed, we’re going to need this kind of gusto to stave off the passage of pinko so-called gun control measures.

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