The DC Project aims to set the record straight. Preaches truth narrative.

The DC Project aims to set the record straight. Preaches truth narrative.
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About a month ago I reported on a DC Project (DCP) video that I found to be chilling. The video chronicled the role, or non-role, so-called “gun control” played in the lives of two ladies from the DCP. It’s come to my attention that the video is actually part of a series. I don’t know if there are any more coming down the line, however, a new one did just drop. In this latest video from the series, three teal-clad superheroes from #tealteamtwo weighed in on setting the record straight!


For all too long astroturf groups such as Moms Demand Action, Everytown, Brady United (Handgun Control Inc.), Giffords, have been controlling the narrative. Frothing at the mouth members of the progressive media feast from the hands of these groups, taking in everything they have to put out as gospel. Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters have remained fairly silent in combatting or rebutting false narratives on the offensive front. These attacks are brought by groups who are cut from the same cloth of the anti-freedom caucus. Perhaps this is because the Second Amendment crowd is generally speaking polite, not wishing to engage in a mudslinging contest. An armed society is a polite society.

Dianna Muller, the founder of the DC Project opens by discussing the constant and repetitive bombardment we receive from the filtered and cherry-picked mainstream news sources, as well as our so-called “leadership”, and Hollyweird glitterati.

You and I are constantly bombarded by misinformation from politicians, celebrities and media personalities who demonize guns and gun owners. Their accounts are contrary to my experience as a responsible gun owner, a retired police officer and a professional competitive shooter. I have listened to their lies and I’ve taken their punches, but I refuse to stay silent any longer. Because I know a lot of women who have something to say and they want in the game, they’re ready to play offense with the truth.


Muller, a 22 year veteran of a police force, competitive shooter, and 3-gun champion knows a thing or two about what the reality is on firearms, firearm ownership, the Second Amendment, and self-defense. The new tactic of playing offense is one that proponents of liberty should have embraced a long time ago. All too often defenders of liberty are just that, defenders who are constantly putting out fires that come in the way of attacks from those that despise civil rights and freedoms.

Beth Walker, one of the youngest adult members of the DC Project holds an Advisory Board position, and brings with her the perspective of Generation Z. Walker, a competitive shooter, fellow “gun writer”, and instructor calls out the accepted narrative in the video.

We constantly hear about common sense gun control, like universal background checks, banning assault weapons, ghost guns, high capacity magazines and gun show loopholes. Every city that is facing massive crime waves have put these policies into place. Common sense tells me that they don’t work. So why do people still believe the idea that those policies save lives? Actual common sense is holding criminals accountable, not letting them out of jail or encouraging them to be more confrontational. Common sense is not stealing the right of the American people to protect themselves. This is the message that America needs to hear.

The lawlessness and violence of these cities and jurisdictions have been discussed over and over again. When is real “commonsense” going to prevail, with those in favor of strict regulation finally admitting defeat?


Perhaps one of the more powerful voices of the DCP is that of Olympian and Top Shot contestant Gabby Franco. In January I reported on Franco dealing with shadowbanning from the video-sharing website YouTube. While she may have been slightly dismayed, Franco will not be silenced. Her message is an important one and needs to be shared with as many people as possible. In 2022 United States, many people say things like “That’ll never happen here.” or “That’s only happening in those kinda countries.” Franco has a message for citizens of the Union with their heads in the sand.

As an immigrant from Venezuela, I saw how easy it was for freedom to die. My family and I watched tyranny destroy our home. In Venezuela, the media, celebrities and politicians repeated the same anti-gun messages until people found it normal and acceptable to give up their freedoms. The reality is, none of it is normal or acceptable. Hungry and helpless, Venezuelians are now unable to protect themselves. Now, as a proud American. I am determined to guard against the same things happening here.

…America is a beacon of freedom. The Second Amendment is a vital piece in ensuring that our kids can have a free country to grow up in. We stand with the lawmakers who support the Constitution, and we provide armor from the attacks by the gun control lobby.

Bravo DC Project! It’s high time that the voices of freedom are heard without having to defend or debunk an attack from our proverbial Ministry of Truth. The work these brave women are doing to buck the false narrative is pivotal. From all different walks of life and sets of experiences, the delegates and leadership of the DCP are doing work today that’ll safeguard our freedom and security tomorrow. Walker nailed it in the video when she said; “The truth is, we all want the same thing; to protect ourselves, our families and to be safe in our communities.” I’d love to hear that Commie Mommies disagree with that!


To learn more about the DC Project, visit them on the web HERE. Be sure to check out this latest video production HERE or in the embed below.

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