JM4 Tactical pledges 20k in support to GOA

JM4 Tactical pledges 20k in support to GOA
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Companies that step up to the plate and swing when it comes to the preservation of rights are pivotal to society’s continued enjoyment of liberties. When some of these companies go above and beyond in pledging their support, they deserve to be recognized. JM4 Tactical is one such company that puts their money where their mouth is. Full disclosure, I have known Chad Myers, the owner of JM4 going on a couple of years now and I’ve contributed to their blog periodically. Knowing Myers and how his company operates, this isn’t a vehicle for giving him and his company preferential treatment, but rather I can say that they’ve always been stand up people and a stand up company since I became acquainted with them. A recent press release from Gun Owners of America (GOA) highlights their commitment to the Second Amendment.


Gun Owners of America (GOA) announced today that they have partnered with JM4 Tactical, the industry leader in magnetic retention holsters for concealed carriers based in Texas. JM4 Tactical has pledged $20,000 in effort to fight gun grabbers across the country by helping fund lawsuits, train grassroots activists, and work to protect and expand Second Amendment freedoms.

Gun Owners of America is the only “No Compromise” gun lobby group who works with like-minded businesses and industries to ensure Second Amendment rights are protected from every level of government.

“In a time where the Biden Administration is in full attack mode on our Second Amendment Rights, it is reassuring to have JM4 Tactical step up to the plate,” said Kailey Nieman, Director of Development and Marketing for GOA. “Not only are their holsters made in America, but their passion for their product and this country is in a league of its own.”

JM4 Tactical started in 2016 and is an American owned company. In talking with Myers he did mention to me that “…your money doesn’t go overseas, pretty much it stays all right here.” Which in my opinion is important. Given Myers’s commitment to the cause and way he does business, JM4 Tactical is able to give this kind of much needed support to GOA. Myers echoed this in his statement to GOA in their release:

“In a society where freedoms are being governed by politicians, we firmly stand with GOA in fighting to protect the Second Amendment rights of all US citizens,” said Chad Myers, Business Owner of JM4 Tactical.

GOA’s strategic partnership program is a coalition of industry partners who aim to support the defense and restoration of the Second Amendment through the strengthening of grassroots.

For more information about JM4 Tactical and the rest of GOA’s Strategic Partners, please visit for more info.


For Myers, the Second Amendment is not just about making money. Myers believes in the value of self-defense and carries daily. In the past when he and I have chatted, he mentioned to me that when a new holster is ready to roll out for testing by Beta testers, he himself will utilize the holster for a solid month prior to turning it over to other users.

While he draws all of his income from his companies which are related to firearms and the shooting industry, he’s not here to grift. His training division JM4 Dimensions was opened up in 2019 and with JM4 Tactical seeing only their 6th year in operating, a $20,000 pledge is a testament of not only their success but more importantly their generosity. Myers had some more to add when we chatted about why this is so important to him:

I’m telling you, John, the Second Amendment companies better start stepping up. Our kids and our grandkids and great grandkids will not have a voice in the future. They won’t have one because they’re gonna lose their Second Amendment. They’re chipping away at it a little at a time. And if we don’t start standing up and fight back, it’s gonna eventually go away. It may be not in my lifetime, or your lifetime, but it will be in our kids’ and our grandkids’, you know?

More succinctly, Myers reiterated his sentiments “We lose our Second Amendment, we lose our voice.”

Obviously the importance of contributions to Second Amendment organizations is not lost on Myers or his company. The recipe does not have to be replicated on such a grand level, everyday people have the ability to positively make an impact in this fight. Myers pragmatically noted:


We’ve stuck to our guns. We want to make sure that we help. There’s people doing the fight for us, and people like me and you, we don’t know how to get up there and really fight. But we have people that are already in place. We need to support them and help them. If we don’t, I mean, my whole income comes from Second Amendment people, why am I not putting it back into the industry to help secure our right to bear arms?

It’s been a pleasure to watch JM4 Tactical and their sister company JM4 Dimensions grow in the manner they have. Seeing people you know achieve a level of success is a nice thing. It’s also nice knowing that these people in our lives are committed to doing what is right and give their support to the preservation of our civil liberties. I can’t wait to see what comes from the office of JM4 going forward.

Author’s Note: I have not been paid or financially compelled by JM4 to put out this information. I think this is a good US based company made of up people with proper moral fiber. However, I do expect JM4 to roll out a special holster when New Jersey gets their rights restored! I suggest a “NYSRPA Special Edition” holster for those of us that get liberated. So, get on that Chad!

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