NJ Gov Murphy’s stance on guns and bears gets people injured

(Julie Sonlin via AP)

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, aka, The Murph, embraces some of the most counterintuitive and dangerous philosophies around. I reported in 2020 about the impending end of New Jersey’s bear hunt that The Murph was pushing for. Well, he ended up weaseling in his wishes. Here we are now, a year and a half into a Garden State without a bear hunt, and Murphy has another bear attack on his hands. The Murph should have to personally pay for medical bills, as well as pain and suffering to all the victims of bear attacks in New Jersey. As reported by the online news section of one of my favorite stations that I nearly listen to all the time, NJ 101.5:


A woman is recovering, after being mauled by a black bear along a township road on Wednesday, according to State Police.

The 34-year-old Lafayette resident was walking alongside Gorney Road after 4:30 p.m., when the bear charged and attacked her, troopers said. State Police previously had listed the woman as 33.

The woman had been walking to check her mailbox when she saw “two or three bears” before the physical encounter with a yearling estimated to weigh between 150 pounds and 200 pounds, according to a separate statement from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Earlier in the year back in January, I recounted a similar story of an 81-year-old woman being mauled by a bear and her dog being killed during the incident. There also was a fatal bear attack in 2014 where 22-year-old Rutgers student Darsh Patel was killed. The number of bear encounters have gone up, and without a bear hunt, we’re going to continue to see that happen.

“We predicted things like this happening when they shut the bear hunt down,” United Bowhunters of New Jersey president, John Erndl, said to New Jersey 101.5 News.

He said the bear population is “exploding” across the state and that more incidents are going to happen, if no further preventative actions are taken.

Murphy knows best though, and regardless of the need of proper wildlife management including the harvesting of these animals, he’s gotta do it his way. Easy for him to say from the confines of his home safe in Middletown, where there aren’t any bears.

In September, the New Jersey Fish and Game Council approved an emergency rule that would have allowed for a temporary return of the bear hunt, citing “imminent peril” without one.

Murphy instead said his administration is “committed to nonlethal and humane means to control the bear population.”

“They need to be managed for the protection of everybody,” Erndl said, pointing to other recent incidents that show black bears clashing more frequently and dangerously with humans in the densely populated state.


Another policy that Murphy embraces that could at least halt a bear attack has to do with his quixotic attempt to make New Jersey a gun-free zone. Murphy and his ilk have an extreme “anti-gun” agenda, and the anti-freedom caucus won’t stand for having an armed populace. Had the people involved in these attacks been armed, maybe they would not have suffered any injuries. A pistol packin’ granny could have defended her dog, but no, it got killed instead.

According to Erin Vogt, reporting for NJ 101.5 there have been several other recent bear attacks that are, in my opinion, worth blaming on The Murph:

This past winter saw two separate bear attacks that left two dogs dead, both in Sparta — roughly five miles away from Lafayette.

On Monday, a team with the DEP tranquilized an 89-pound female bear in Newton, in order to remove a chicken feeder that had been stuck on the animal’s head.

Last month, a Warren County resident told News 12 that a bear had demolished his chicken coop, killing a dozen chickens and doing extensive property damage.

Wildlife management is not founded on feelings and Murphy’s idealized world of bears taking contraceptives just won’t work. The adults were handling the situation but Murphy had to get involved. Christie, who faced pressure from the bear huggers when he was still in office just rightfully ignored them. While Christie was in office there was an active bear hunt and that’s when the fatal attack occurred. If the bears were eating people while the population was being controlled by effective means, why on Earth would Murphy think it’d be all good without a hunt? Because he’s a rich, arrogant, repulsive socialist. It’s time you bring back the hunt Murph, and allow our people to be armed. The two legged predators he protects in the Garden State are bad enough to deal with, now we’ve gotta worry about being consumed by the wildlife.


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