Mayor's staffer robbed as New York crimes continue to rise

Mayor's staffer robbed as New York crimes continue to rise
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I’m not in the business of wishing ill will upon people, but I at times do celebrate things like poetic justice and or the delivery of people getting their own medicine. Much like Biff in the Back to the Future crashing into a truck filled with horse manure, learning that one of Eric Adams’s aids got a front row seat of  a performance of this is what progressive politics brings you, kinda makes me shrug in a might as well serve you right way. It was reported that Christopher Baugh was robbed at gunpoint in the Big Apple. New York City, where crime is rampant and the streets smell like urine, is far from being under control and Adams, Baugh’s boss, had enough time to settle in and implement policy which would have effected change on the atmosphere in the city that never sleeps.


I honestly would have a bit more sympathy for Baugh on this, because no one deserves a violent encounter, but when it was alleged that he said “You don’t want to do this. I work for the mayor.” he lost me. Sounds like an elitist, better than everyone else, member of the gentry to me. I do hope he found his mugging to be fabulous. I will commend him on keeping his heels so dug in, but I think that was due to being pompous rather than some sort of warrior. The “don’t you know who I am” types can shove it.

The incident began when the victim — Manhattan resident Christopher Baugh, 33 — refused to turn over his wallet and cellphone, telling the robbers, “Get out of my way,” cops said.

Instead, one stuck his leg out behind Baugh and the other pushed him to the ground.

After he failed to convince them to leave him alone, they rifled his pockets and swiped his city-issued phone and a wallet holding five credit cards, cops said.

The crooks then fled, with one — described as a black male wearing a blue and white sweatshirt — making his getaway on a Citi Bike, sources said. The other suspect was described as a black male wearing sunglasses and a blue mask.

Veteran Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said the robbers’ fearlessness painted a bleak picture for the future.

“New Yorkers would feel a lot better if the muggers were afraid of committing a crime against a mayor’s staffer. They were not,” he said.

“That’s all you need to know. New Yorkers are going to feel less safe.”


The tone deaf comment from Sheinkopf is still echoing in my mind. I’m sure the normal peasants in New York City feel less safe because one of Adams’s staffers got mugged. Right? I mean, does this not just perpetuate the image that there is a class system in the city?

What this unfortunate incident illustrates is that no one is immune to the failures of progressive policies and a weak on crime way of doing things. Having a mayor for a number of years holed up in the mansion allegedly smoking weed all the time only helped the city degrade back into a state slightly better than it was in when the Guardian Angels had to take to the streets to protect the people.

This is a perfect teachable moment on politics that Baugh should embrace. Being the age of 33, he’s not completely dug in yet on philosophy. Now’s the time to change his way of thinking. We can only assume that a lacky of Adams’s shares similar ideologies of his boss.

Baugh should also take this newly returned liberty that the Supreme Court brought back to New Yorkers, and run with it. Not that Baugh would need the abolishment of any “need” standard. He’d simply walk into 1 Police Plaza and if they try to deny him a permit say “You don’t want to do this. I work for the mayor,” and get himself a permit to carry. A violent criminal, as long as they’re not hopped up on something, may not care who you work for, but they sure would care about what you point at them. Baugh, if you’d like some free training on firearm use, have your people contact my people, and we’ll do a little class on the other side of the river.


Luckily no real harm was done during this encounter. I highly doubt there will be a shift in policy over the event. “Anomalies” do occur. I just feel bad for all the New Yorkers out there that are feeling down because one of the mayor’s staffers had a crime committed against him. Hopefully New York will see the light on the recent ruling, and the residents of New York will be able to take responsibility for their own self-defense, hitting the streets responsibly armed. Does this not make that case?


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