2023 National Train a Teacher Day approaching

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The big talk is that people are supposed to #dosomething whenever there’s some sort of a problem or conflict. The hashtag brigade is not something that’s completely owned by the progressive left, and they’re not the only ones who care to enact change in our communities and the lives of those around us. Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are often more quiet about the work that they do, and that might be a matter of modesty or just the practicality of being industrious. 


Regardless, there are Second Amendment supporters and instructors that do #dosomething. That’s why it draws my ire whenever I hear the talking points of the gun-grabbers saying that gun owners don’t care about the children, mass-casualty events, or protecting our communities. Dedication from the Second Amendment crowd is evident in a number of programs and initiatives, and the organizers and volunteers of the National Train a Teacher Day is one such group that puts their money where their mouths are.

A recent announcement by the organizers of NTATD set the date to be June 17, 2023. But what is the National Train a Teacher Day, and why did it come about?

NTATD Co-Founder Grant Gallagher (ScotShotLLC, NRA and USCCA Training Counselor) called Klint Macro on the phone the day the horrible act of evil took place in Parkland, Florida. Grant said, “We need to do something! The ENTIRE firearms training community needs to do something. Something that educates and endorses exercising our Rights instead of restricting them. Perhaps a ‘National Train A Teacher Day’, what do you think?” Klint Macro said, “let’s make it happen!” Klint had the website domain secured with in the hour and he had built the website and published the next day. The first National Train A Teacher Day was in 2018. Each year this grassroots movement of independent instructors from across the country grows and reaches more of those who are charged with the safety and education of our children.

Gallagher and Macro are now celebrating the 6th annual NTATD. The core of the program is to ensure the people who interact with our children are trained and ready, should the unthinkable occur where who’s most precious to society are educated or engage in play.


Teachers, custodians, administrators, religions educators and others have understood that they have a choice. They have the choice to be active in the face of adversity. They have the choice to fight back if they need to. They have the choice to provide life-saving first-aid. They have a choice to exercise their Rights to care for and protect those in their charge.

To support this demand, trainers all across our great country are stepping up to offer their skills free of charge. This training is in first-aid, situational awareness, pepper-spray, and TASER, as well as understanding mass shooter events, crisis management and defensive firearm use.

Trainers are invited to participate in the 2023 program. The list of requirements is on their webpage, where one can review them, as well as contact the organizers to volunteer. This is an opportunity for the eligible instructors out there be able to give back and #dosomething.

If you’re an educator that’s interested in participating in getting training from one of the instructors, the NTATD site has a list of participating instructors.

Each Volunteer Instructor, Trainer, or Coach listed has agreed to offer free training to Teachers, Administrators, and School Staff on Saturday, June 17th, 2023.

To contact an Instructor, Trainer, or Coach, find one close to you and enter your name and email address in their contact field, once they receive your notification, they will contact you shortly.

The directory of instructors and their locations, organized by state, can be viewed HERE.


Seeing instructors and advocates get together to make a difference is a great thing. Programs like NTATD show that gun owners do care about the safety and wellbeing of our fellow man. Drawing a comparison to some of the Astroturf groups, none of them host any type of training to add to the corporal or intellectual knowledge and skill set of their followers. Gallagher and Macro’s efforts need to be applauded, as well as their volunteers! Thank you gentlemen and ladies!

National Train A Teacher Day is sponsored by the United States Concealed Carry Association and Sabre Red. For more information about volunteering or participating in the program, be sure to visit their homepage at NationalTrainATeacherDay.com/ and check out an informational video there, or in the embed below.

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