Product review: Coast Founder’s Series Origin pocket knife

A company that I never paid much attention to has recently impressed me with several of their products. Previously I had the chance to review one of Coast’s flashlights and one of their headlamps. While these products may or may not fulfill any one person’s particular needs, I did find them to be made to have decent quality and do more than just “get the job done.” One of the other products that I received to give a testing and evaluation on was the Founder’s Series Origin® pocketknife from the 1919 Founder’s Collection.


At first glance, I was not sure what to make of the Origin. Taking the knife out of its box and opening it, I could hear one of my nieces in my mind’s eye calling it “Uncle Johnny’s toothpick.” That could be an appropriate moniker for the everyday carry knife as its slender and sleek design emulates that of a stiletto. I don’t know if it was a bit of a gag to send the guy from Jersey a knife like this, but after I got over the thin dagger-like structure of the knife, it grew on me.

The Origin is a flipper-style, one-hand-to-open, lockback knife equipped with a pocket clip for easy carry. The locking mechanism is that of a framelock, which limits the number of moving parts and allows for one-handed closing. The blade and body are constructed out of a stainless steel, 9Cr18Mov, with a drop-point blade tip.

My mind went straight to “weapon” when I held the knife for the first time, which knives are considered weapons – in addition to being tools, however the utilitarian nature of the knife was not lost within its skin. Frankly, I grew accustomed to the knife rather quickly, and the one-handed flipper style allowed me to deploy it with ease. That being said, if you live in a jurisdiction where knives are acceptable to bear as a self-defense weapon, this knife would fit the bill quite well.

I used the knife for several months as an EDC. I was impressed with the sharpness of the blade throughout the entirety of my carrying it. The 9Cr18Mov steel is known for maintaining an edge, but like most stainless knives, it’s liable to be a bear to sharpen. In the few months of carrying and using it regularly, I did not find the need to sharpen the knife. Given the modest price point of the unit, like most comparable knives, you wouldn’t necessarily be losing out if you’re unable to restore the edge – these are just facts when it comes to EDC knives that are made up of such hard metals.


The body of the knife and lines are handsome. The fit and feel of the knife while manipulating it was natural. I was not accustomed to such a slender handle, but got used to it quickly.

The knife could be touted as a piece of safety gear for anyone who works around moving lines or nets. The quick deployment and use of the Origin could save someone if they found themselves trapped in an entanglement hazard.

The Coast product page touts this new product as being part of their 1919 Founder’s Collection.

Make a point of effortless looks. Styled like a stiletto, the Origin knife from our Founder’s Collection recalls the efficiency of COAST’s earliest designs—with a sleek silhouette and all-metal construction for everyday durability and precision in the hand. The 3.5-inch, drop-point dagger-style blade, constructed of 9Cr18Mov steel with a glass-bead finish, flips open by the finger tab and is secured by a frame lock when in use—so that you’re safe no matter whether you’re opening a letter or cutting through a rope. The stainless steel pocket clip makes for easy everyday carry. Equally, at home on the avenue or out for an adventure, this go-getting knife enhances your everyday wear. Available in three colors, certain models feature a black titanium nitride blade coating for wear resistance. The Origin knife is backed by COAST’s lifetime warranty.

Pluses: Affordable price. Lifetime warranty. Easy to manipulate flipper style one-handed action. Corrosion resistant. Sturdy design. Sharp out of the box and did not dull prematurely. Lightweight.


Minuses: Blade made of hard steel which makes sharpening a bit more tedious. Slender design might be off-putting to some users.

I found the knife to be very utilitarian, sharp, and easy to handle. I did not encounter any situations where I found myself needing or wanting a different style of knife, it worked universally well for day-to-day applications. I also dragged it along on several trips, including a camping trip. At the advertised $49.99 price point, this knife is within reach for most buyers and won’t disappoint as far as this product class goes.

Would I buy one of these? Sure. The design and construction of the Origin is not something that would have immediately attracted me to purchasing it, but after getting a chance to use it, I liked it. The knife is lightweight, sturdy, and works well as an EDC, but would also find a home in any tackle box, job site, hunting blind/camp, campsite, and so on. If a friend was in the market for a new knife for an EDC or to use in an occupational/outdoor setting, I’d suggest they check out the Origin and consider it. I would also recommend/consider buying one as a gift for someone. I think they’d be pleasantly surprised, as I was, once they get to know the knife.

Features and Specifications from the Coast 1919 Founder’s Collection Origin® pocketknife page:


  • FRAME LOCK Safe, single-handed blade control. Knives equipped with a Frame Lock use the knife’s frame as a locking mechanism and allow you to keep one hand free while opening and closing the knife. 
  • ONE POSITION KNIFE CLIP Secure your knife at hand’s reach. The COAST One Position Knife Clip makes it easy to keep your knife readily accessible while also tucked away in your pocket.


  • BLADE LENGTH 3.35 in / 8.51 cm
  • HANDLE MATERIAL Stainless Steel
  • LENGTH CLOSED 4.5 in / 11.43 cm
  • LENGTH OPEN 8.0 in / 20.32 cm

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