Product Review: Nextorch TA30C One-Step Strobe Tactical Rechargeable Light

The Nextorch TA30C One-Step Strobe Tactical flashlight makes for a good everyday carry light. That is, depending on what your needs are of course. Naturally, not every product out there is going to hit the sweet spot with every person, but this light does have a comfortable place on the market, with a decent balance between positive and negative qualities.


The TA30C seems to be designed first and foremost to be a defensive tool. The “one-step strobe” action of the light is what makes it different from others that are out there. To turn on or initiate the light, there are two methods. The quickest and most efficient is the big selling point, and that’s via the push button tail switch. When depressing the tail switch, if a user only engages it halfway, the light goes on to full lumen brightness at 1600, as a steady beam. If the button is depressed all the way in, the light goes into strobe mode and fires off quickly at 1600 lumen.

If you’re in the market for a lamp that you can quickly deploy from a pants pocket, belt sheath, or from one of the optional “quick draw” holsters, and easily turn on full blast to act as a defensive tool against another individual, then this might be your light. Using a strobe as a way to repel off a potential aggressor acts as a non-lethal deterrent which screams, “Get the hell away from me!” This can be a highly effective means to stave off trouble before it occurs.

The tail switch is only a momentary button. If you push and hold it, the light stays on. When you let up, the light goes off. The button is not like a traditional tail switch which would keep the light on once being “clicked” on.

In order to turn the light on, and leave it on without continuing to apply pressure to the tail switch, there’s a magnetic rotary switch. When a user rotates the dial counterclockwise, it will click into a given setting.


There are four modes on the TA30C which the dial initiates:

  1. Low, at 20 lumens
  2. Medium, at 330 lumens
  3. High, at 1600 lumens
  4. Strobe, at 1600 lumens

The dial is where Nextorch might lose some customers. It’s not that using the dial is onerous or too complicated, it’s not. However, it’s awkward, and takes a fair amount of practice to do one handed. Manipulating the rotary dial one handed is easier if the light is outfitted with the optional “tactical ring.”

Users could be willing to overlook the clunky operation of turning the dial, or it being difficult to work one handed, because the lamp is equipped with the momentary tail switch. If you need the light in a hurry, you can easily deploy it at full brightness and or strobe. Any sense of urgency to use the light with one hand can be achieved in that manner. Assuming there’s no sense of urgency when trying to use the light in the two lower modes, or engage it so it won’t turn off, the dial is sufficient. This is going to boil down to taste.

The light comes with a rechargeable 18650 battery. To charge the battery, no special charger or cable is necessary. Using a USB C cord will get the job done, however the cable must be plugged into a port on the battery, thus it shall be removed in order to complete the operation. If you have no spare 18650 batteries on hand, keeping some CR123A’s around is a good idea. The light can run on two CR123A batteries if needed.

Battery life of the light naturally is going to be driven by use and brightness. When using the lamp as an EDC for a good while, actually using it daily a moderate amount, I’ve found that I’ve had to charge it maybe every six days to every week and a half. I think that’s a fair amount of life in a light. Advertising boasts the light will last 50 hours on low and two and a half on high. I’ll be honest, most applications I’m breaking this puppy out full lumen to torture test it. The low and medium settings are great for up close use, but everything else is balls out.


There is a battery indicator on this unit. Around the tail switch, a ring light will indicate blue for full charge 100% to 75%, blue flashing for 75% to 50%, red solid for 50% to 25%, and red flashing for 25% to 0%. I’ve been charging my lamp when I get a red solid light. This indicator only appears when shifting the rotary switch from low mode to off, and then you can see the status of the battery health.

This is a high lumen flashlight that’s advertised to cast out the beam up to over 300 meters. Since this lamp will produce a blisteringly bright light, like many LED lights, it will heat up. I’ve handled a lot of LED lamps in my time, and this one does get toasty, so be mindful of this and never leave it on any non-hard surface turned on.

The bezel of the lamp is outfitted with three ceramic beads. The beads are in place to use the light as a striking implement. The ceramic balls are advertised to be able to shatter and break glass. Regardless, the beads give some teeth to the bezel, making it a formidable tool for anything a user may want to break or crush.

The optional tactical ring makes handling the light a bit easier. It’ll keep the light in place in the hand and not require a death grip on the body to keep the flashlight with you. At first I was skeptical about putting the tactical ring on the light, but I’ve grown accustomed to it in a positive way while using the light. It does not interfere with anything else in my pocket and the pocket clip is able to keep the light secure in place.


I was given a V31 hard plastic holster to use with the light. It’s a nice unit. Not my style. You might like it, it’s just not for me. I prefer a soft nylon or leather style sheath for flashlights – which won’t accommodate this light with the ring on, whereas the V31 will handle the tactical ring. The V31 will comfortably fit on a duty belt and has its place in the world – just not my world.

I took the TA30C with me on a few plane rides. I kept it in my carryon bag and had no issues. I did remove the tactical ring from it though, to not draw any undue attention. Once past security, the light got clipped back inside my pant’s pocket. Remember that this is a lithium ion battery and putting such items in checked baggage is verboten per TSA’s regulations.

Pluses: Rechargeable and super bright at 1600 lumens. Multiple modes. Tactical strobe is a great mode to use to ward off a preemptive attack or signal in an emergency. Lightweight aluminum body. Accessories available for different needs. No proprietary charger needed. Advertised to be submersible for up to 2 meters.

Minuses: The rotary switch might not be for everyone. Will get very hot if left on high too long.

Overall, I give this light a good rating. I understand this is not going to be for everyone, but will certainly fulfill the needs of those seeking a light like this. The light would find itself at home on outdoor adventures, in pockets for EDC, toolboxes and bags, in vehicles, and anywhere else a sturdily built bright lamp might be needed.


Would I buy one of these lights? At the advertised $98.99 price tag, I’ll admit that might be just out of the range I’d be willing to spend on an EDC of this class. But understand there are plenty of lights out there that are way more costly. If I were in the market for a light strictly for self-defense, but also to have for other utilitarian uses, yes, I’d buy this light. Would I recommend this to a friend? If someone was in the market for a flashlight, depending on their specific needs, I would absolutely recommend this unit if I thought it’d work out for them. I think this would be a great gift for that guy or gal that has every do-dad out there – this light has a unique flavor that many might find attractive.

Product details from the Nextorch TA30C product page:

  • Patented one-step-strobe technology: tap for momentary on and heavy press for tactical strobe
  • Coated Tempered Glass Lens
  • Super-Hard Ceramic Strike Tips
  • Specially-designed accessory, FR-1 tactical flashlight ring (not included), provides more versatile usage


  • Low: 20 lumens with 50 hour expected battery life, 24 meter beam distance, & 144 cd intensity.
  • Medium: 330 lumens with 4 & ½ hours expected battery life, 130 meter beam distance, & 4225 cd intensity.
  • High: 1600 lumens with 2 & ½ hours expected battery life, 303 meter beam distance, & 22952 cd intensity.


  • Impact Resistance: 2 m
  • Submersible: IPX8, 2 m
  • Weight and Dimensions: Weight 97 g /3.42 oz (Without battery), Size 136 mm (Length) x 30 mm (Head diameter) x 23 mm (Body diameter)
  • Material: Light Source LUMINUS SST-40 LED Aluminum alloy [body]
  • Battery: One 18650 or Two CR123A
  • Power: 16W

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