Representative Who Plows Through Rights Deserves the Bulldozer Treatment

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Democratic progressives are steadfastly sticking to their guns when it comes to trying to crumble and destroy the Second Amendment. Whether we’re discussing Virginia, as Cam pointed out the other day – a semi-purple state, IMHO – or Massachusetts – a pinko stronghold – ; the Dems are taking no quarter on guns. Biden is even running on a disarmament pulpit in his possible reelection bid. Patriots are taking no quarter too, which is why I’m celebrating some internet trolling today.


Democratic politicians turned political hacks are staying the course and not wavering at all when it comes to whatever marching orders they have. Call it the cabal. Call it the deep state. Call it the Democratic progressives. Whatever the label, it does not matter, there’s an obvious concerted effort and even formerly friendly politicians to the Second Amendment are turning hostile. Take for example State Representative Micahel Day from Massachusetts. A recent social media post garnered an interesting response, and it might not be news, but it sure is worth repeating.

To get everyone up to speed, Micahel Day is the political hack who introduced, and has been ram-rodding through the Massachusetts so-called Bruen response bill. Several progressive viper pits have been responding to NYSRPA v. Bruen in the same way their Democratic predecessors did to Brown v. Board of Ed. Like Governor Wallace showing hatred and contempt for Blacks, Michael Day is showing hatred and contempt for gun owners. Make no mistake, Micahel Day is what attorney Evan Nappen would call a gun bigot. 

One area where Day can be saluted is that his staffers have kept all commenting enabled on the apparatchik’s social media pages. Day is being somewhat forthright in not gatekeeping comments, unlike the lying dog-faced pony soldier Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, D-N.J. Danielsen is the alleged architect – certainly the champion – of New Jersey’s carry-killer law and has shut off comments on all his social media platforms due to excessive scrutiny from constituents.


Day’s socials have been receiving quite the battering, as they should. Day’s still a despicable gun bigot, but at least he’s not subverting the First Amendment too. His staffers did reach out to a patriot and asked them to be more polite with their comments. That was a hard “no” from the Bay State King of Glocks.

A recent post that Day put out involved a contest to name the snow plows. Apparently, this is a thing in the Bay State. It does get cold up there, so whatever.

Stoneham and Winchester students! MassDOT is hosting their “Name a Snow Plow Event” to give K-8 students the chance to help name snow plows for the 2023/2024 winter season. Classrooms that have their name chosen will earn $100 for supplies in their school. The deadline for submission is December 1, so be sure to check out the link in my bio for information on how to enter!

One comment popped up that made me snicker. A friend to yours truly, Cam, Tom, and Bearing Arms; content creator and activist, Charlie Cook, weighed in. Cook, the host of the award-winning show Riding Shotgun With Charlie, gave Day an idea.

We need a bulldozer called “Bill-dozer” which plows though the unconstitutional bill you’re shoving down the throats of the law abiding and responsible gun owners in Massachusetts.


Chuck is not wrong, ya know? Michael Day did drag on a dog and pony show for about eight months in Massachusetts that was dubbed a “gun law listening tour.” This veiled attempt to be unbiased did not overshadow the photo ops he took with the commie mommies and Giffords. The so-called “listening tour” was very well documented and attended by many Second Amendment patriots.

From the boots on the ground, Day completely ignored and snubbed any of the liberty-minded people when they approached him to discuss their issues. Sure, many got to speak “openly,” but an actual invitation to be featured in the smoke and mirror-laden series did not come until several “talks” occurred with only anti-gun persons represented.

The people of the Bay State are dealing with more hearings on anti-liberty bills this week, and Day is the chief gun bigot behind these measures.

We do need a bulldozer that we could use to act as a shepherd’s hook to these kinds of measures. The Second Amendment is a civil right, whether or not Michael Day the gun bigot likes it. Whatever it is that he’s being promised; Money? Power? More clout? It’s not worth it when he’ll be going down in history with the likes of fellow Democrat Governor George Wallace. Just like it’s a civil right to petition our government and representatives, the Second Amendment is a right too. Petition on, good subjects of Massachusetts. Petition on!


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