Gun Owners of America Hosting Inaugural Women's Event in in Texas

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Women are one the largest growing demographics of gun owners. The days of so-called “gun stuff” being just for the stale, male, and pale are dwindling. We’re saying goodbye to the restrooms in shooting facilities that make truck stops look clean and the age of curicious bearded white dudes spitting tobacco juice into wide mouth tea bottles from behind a gun counter. It’s all falling from grace. Part of keeping the newly curious or veteran shooter alike – for that matter – involved, is by engaging with them. Gun Owners of America announced they’re launching the National Women’s Range Day.


Gun Owners of America (GOA) is excited to announce a new way to celebrate women’s empowerment on this upcoming International Women’s Day weekend. On March 9th, GOA and Empowered 2A will launch our inaugural National Women’s Range Day in Grapevine, Texas.

Ladies in attendance will have the opportunity to meet with female advocates and leaders in the Second Amendment community and seek advice on best practices in their concealed carry journey.  Additionally, each woman will receive a complimentary GOA one year membership with their ticket.

The event will allow women to shoot the firearms of their choice and celebrate our Empowered 2A motto: “Gun rights are women’s rights!” Join other empowered women for International Women’s Day and help us show the world what truly empowered women look like.

This event will be celebrated at Texas Gun Experience – a 35,000 sq. ft range that boasts a massive retail and firearm rental selection, high-tech shooting stalls, and a robust selection of machine guns for rent.

Attendees will have full access to fifteen 25-yard lanes and six 50-yard lanes for target practice and training, and plenty of time to sample the plethora of handgun and rifle rentals available.

Tickets for this Women’s-Only range day are only $20 and will include an all-access day pass at Texas Gun Experience including firearm rentals, ammunition, and range time.

On top of that, attendees will also learn how to be an effective advocate for the Second Amendment via small seminars on the GOA “No-Compromise” mission.


This is a refreshing effort to see. We’ve reported in the past on our friend, NRA DIrector and instructor Rick Ector and his annual free women’s event up in Detroit, MI, however I haven’t had the chance to learn about similar initiatives down south.

Having and then mobilizing the facility, staff, and backing to get events like this up and going is what advocacy is all about. For some women, getting involved in the shooting sports world can be super intimidating, and by hosting women-only events helps put them at ease. Not having any real or perceived judgment – and in general, different behaviors – from men being present, could make events like this more inviting.

In a statement, GOA’s Director of Women’s Outreach, Antonia Cover said, “I’m so excited to work with countless women from all walks of life as we celebrate International Women’s Day at the range.” Cover notes that people are becoming wise to realities that many existing gun owners have observed:

“Research confirms that women are empowered through the Second Amendment, and studies highlight the increasing number of women choosing to exercise their rights – just during the pandemic over four million became gun owners.

“This event will provide a space for women to grow, learn, and equip one another to be effective Second Amendment advocates and well-trained gun owners. I encourage all women to join us March 9th as we celebrate womanhood, true empowerment, and our right to defend ourselves however we choose.”


This is a very exciting announcement and all we can do is hope that the event is a big success. Should GOA find the program to gain popularity after launch, maybe we’ll be finding more of such events across the nation.

If you’d like more information about the inaugural National Women’s Range Day, check out GOA’s page for details.

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