The ATF Making Jokes on ‘National Puppy Day’?

Michelle Linendoll via AP

Our favorite three-letter agency – well, it’s a five-letter agency, but why split hairs – isn't generating many warm feelings from too many people these days. In recent times, the BATFE has become an agency that’s hell-bent on seeing the destruction of our rights, rather than being supportive of them. In the most cheeky of ways, they recently made a post celebrating “National Puppy Day” and I’m gonna say they’re trolling us.


Happy National Puppy Day! Meet Annie, an amazing ATF Explosives Detection/Search Enhanced Evidence K-9 assigned to the Washington Field Division. She works tirelessly to keep communities safe. Annie, at just over 2 years old, may not technically still be a puppy, but she’s as cute and playful as ever. Learn more about Annie at #TrustYourDog

Isn’t that just nice? I mean, while the ATF points out that Annie is “not technically” a puppy anymore, I’d like to point out that the ATF is “not technically” an agency we give two biscuits about. My view of the ATF is much like JFK’s view of the CIA. I feel the government should “splinter the [agency] into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”

Given that "ATF Shoots Dogs" is a long running meme at this point, I believe the ATF is going out of their way to troll all of us here. So maybe I’m not doing anyone any favors by bringing light to the post, however y’all can be the judge of that and comment accordingly.

What I think we can all agree on is that the ATF would probably have a better reputation if they did not run around intimidating people as well. A fairly famous encounter involving ATF agents who were bullying an alleged “solvent trap” owner, was recorded intimidating the individual. The man having allegations levied against him stood his ground and asserted his rights, as anyone should do.


In the video, the Charlotte County, Florida man “Nick" made it clear he was not going to deal with intimidation and told the agents they can come back with a warrant. 

“Your entire job is to take away people’s guns…,” Nick said to the agents, to which an agent replied, “I don’t think you have any idea what our job is….” 

The agents and Nick did parley back and forth a bit, with Nick listing off several of the botched atrocities the ATF was part of, including Ruby Ridge. 

“Dogs? Any dogs in the house?” Nick sarcastically said. Before the agents left, Nick finished off by saying, “Watch out for the dogs guys.”

This online post is not the first time we’ve seen the ATF make dog-related content. Earlier this year I stumbled upon their press release talking about their 2024 National Canine Division Planner. Yeah, they have a dog calendar. I haven’t had a chance to inspect one of these items, so I can’t comment on if they have bull’s eyes over the faces of the dogs within.

Order the 2024 ATF National Canine Division Planner!

We are thankful for ATF’s National Canine Division for their dedication to training law enforcement K-9s for agencies across the country.

ATF’s explosive detection K9 teams work tirelessly to keep communities safe, and we are recognizing their hard work with a free 2024 ATF National Canine Division Planner. It features some of our beautiful, intelligent K9s!


There’s plenty of material out there with activists, advocates, and journalists pointing out the ironic dog-related material and posts this misguided group produces.

We can only speculate what’s going on in the twisted mind of the leadership and public relations team over at the ATF. We do know this is not 100% their fault. They are fruit from a poison tree. I feel bad for all the rank-and-file agents out there who actually care about firearm owners, FFLs, and the Second Amendment. All the rest can go suck an egg. Is this just a coincidence? Or are these canine capers just another way for the most disgraced agency in the U.S. to troll the People?

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